Advocates vs Influencers: Do you know the difference?

When 84% of B2B buyers and 92% of consumers rely on recommendations from people they know to make purchasing decisions, traditional sales and marketing tactics start to become less and less effective.

If you’re not reaching potential customers through their trusted peers and experts, then the reality is that you’re just not reaching them. Period. Advocates and influencers can help you gain your audience’s attention and trust in ways that are impossible to replicate on your own.

But when should you leverage advocates instead of influencers, and vice versa?Download “Influencers vs. Advocates: What’s the Difference?” to learn:

  • How to determine which is right for you: influencers or advocates (or both)
  • Important dos and don’ts that can make or break your engagement strategy
  • Case studies: How brands use influencers and advocates to drive engagement
  • Best practices for building your own influencer or advocate marketing program

amardeep kaushal

Blogger, Marketer & Data Analyst.

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