Content marketing is a little like dating

Why the Content Journey Is a Lot Like Dating?

If you think content marketing is about soliciting customers, think again. Effective content marketing is about building lasting relationships through trust, expertise, and a sexy brand. It’s about helping others so they get to know your company, what it is you do, and your thought leadership before they commit as customers. In a sense, it’s a lot like dating.

Content marketing is often compared to dating. You can’t go straight from “hello” to “I do”, but with a bit of courtship you can woo your leads and turn them into customers.

Stages to create engaging content

1st Stage – Attract: Create content designed to build brand awareness and drive web traffic.

2nd Stage – Charm: Create high-value, in-depth content designed to build trust and strengthen the relationship between the vendor and the buyer.

3rd Stage Convert: You’ve nurtured your audience, now it’s time to let them know why your business is right for them.

And Last Stage – Retain: Once you’ve sealed the deal and made a conversation, you need to keep their interest with amazing content (freebies, gifts and offers).

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