Recruiting fails.

Recruiting fails: 11 things that job changers no longer understand during the application process.

Naturally, when coaching, I often have extremely frustrated applicants sitting across from me. Not only because their activities so far have not led to the new job, but also because they...
Writing an application with ChatGPT

Writing an application with ChatGPT: Good uniformity without self-reflection.

Yes, it can be that easy today - a good prompt and skillfully fed with a CV and job advertisement ChatGPT writes pretty good-sounding cover letters. In recent months, the internet has been...
Parental Leave on your cv

Parental leave on your CV: Forget the career tips and live your life.

Again and again, I come across career and application tips on how women, in particular, should deal with parental leave on their CV - often in connection with the term “career...
Blind Signing

“Blind Signing” phenomenon: Why many job changers now end up in the wrong job?

A new phenomenon is currently emerging in the job market and is causing a lot of frustration among job changers: they notice shortly after starting their new job that it's not...
The future of work

Why working from home shouldn’t lead to a career break?

Many companies are doing everything they can to order their employees back to the office after the long Corona break. Our comment shows why companies are doing themselves a disservice.? Recently, IBM CEO Arvind...
office superiors

Why do superiors need to be more honest?

Many employees still don't see why they should return from their home office to the company office. This is also because their managers can hardly explain the reasons. After the corona pandemic, many...

Appreciate launches the first truly low-cost, fractional global investing platform for Indians.

Appreciate, a SEBI and IFSCA registered fintech company, proudly announces its strategic collaboration with YES Securities, YES Bank, and DriveWealth to offer a suite of investment and savings products for Indians...

Jiraaf launches Online Bond Platform.

Leading fixed-income platform Jiraaf has secured an Online Bond Platform Provider (OBPP) license from the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) enabling it to offer a broad range of listed...
Harsh Gupta Flourish ventures

Flourish Ventures Promotes Investment Lead in India.

Flourish Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm with purpose, today announced new hires and promotions,  adding capabilities to its global investment team. Investment leaders — Harsh Gupta in India and Diana Narváez in Brazil —were promoted to Principals while the fintech-focused venture firm hired 5 team members in 2023.  “In India, Harsh takes on leadership of our portfolio, where he is a trusted counselor for a broad network of innovators, sharing his keen sense of valuations and new markets. Meanwhile, Diana has a hands-on sense of building successful startups in Latin America. Having lived in Colombia, Brazil, and Mexico, she is deeply connected to Flourish’s mission and can operate independently to build our presence across the region,” said Flourish Co-Founder and Managing Partner Arjuna Costa.  “We are very fortunate to have them on our team.”  ​The expanded roles for Gupta and Narváez, along with the firm’s recent hires, provide additional support to early-stage mission-driven founders in the five continents where Flourish invests. The firm’s global portfolio includes more than 70 companies working toward building a fair financial system.​ ​Flourish also expanded its global presence by onboarding investment analyst Jana Ahmed Aboughaly in  Africa senior investment analysts Matt Kelly and Crystal Sun in the U.S., and two global operations team members, Charlee Brady,  people operations associate, and Garrett Chiem, senior associate.  Their talents add to the firm’s breadth of expertise in key areas.  About Flourish Ventures  Flourish invests in mission-driven entrepreneurs and industry influencers working toward a fair financial system. With $850M in patient capital under management deployed across five continents, the early-stage venture capital firm has more than 20 investments in India and Southeast Asia including Apnaklub, Aquaconnect, Brick, CredFlow, Grab Finance, Indifi, M2P, Kaleidofin, QueueBuster, Qoala, ShopUp, and Scripbox. Flourish brings together networks of entrepreneurs, ecosystem innovators, trailblazers, and industry experts to help create systemic change.
AI as an interpreter

AI as an interpreter: Do we never have to learn a language again?

What a dream: being able to immediately understand and speak the local language while abroad. Artificial intelligence brings us closer to this wish. What experts say about this future scenario.? In the cult novel...