Roti Bank’s Shriya Kumar’s vision towards merging the two worlds of technology & social...

Roti Bank Foundation is a non-profit, tech-driven food rescue organization currently operating in 23 cities. One of the founding team members of the organization – Shriya Kumar, has developed...

Frustration among SEO managers: Google is massively rewriting title tags.

SEO managers report to Twitter who are confused and discover that their optimized title tags are not in the Google snippet . Instead, H1 tags or even H2 tags were used -...
Prithvi Raj, Director and Founder of Bengaluru based Inoket Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Bengaluru based #Startup is expanding the battery-powered products & aerial surveillance market in India.

Inoket Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is bringing modern battery and aerial surveillance solutions to the different spheres of the Indian Society. Inoket Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a Bengaluru based start-up...
Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation – the control center of marketers.

Systems with the help of which marketing is largely automated are now as natural in most large companies as the espresso machine in the in-house cafeteria. Large parts of customer...
Rajat Singhania Founder SocioRac-Hylyt

SocioRAC Founder interview with

SocioRAC - Company Profile Established in 2017, SocioRAC (Brand) is a technology startup working in the area of Information Management. SocioRAC aims to generate 2.5 billion...
Corona virus

Shock analysis from 81 countries shows: Corona disease costs 16 years of life.

In the course of the corona pandemic , the question is often raised of how justified the lockdown measures are. It is also a matter of weighing up the relationship between the losses due...

Tukuoro Virtual Webinar

Open Panel Discussion on Voice Technologies and Use Cases Discussion Speakers Agenda
Subas Hota CredR

CredR appointed Subas Hota as Head of Data Science and Technology

CredR, India’s largest used two-wheeler consumer brand, announced the appointment of Subas Hota as the new Head of Data Science & Technology, effective from October 2020. Subas will report...

Perspectico Launches AI-based Job preparation platform for college graduates.

The spread of the novel coronavirus has interrupted how graduates were preparing to enter the job market. Uncertainty about job opportunities and disruption to regular routines has led students...
Letter of Thanks after Job Rejection

Letters of thanks after job rejection.

As an applicant, you invested a lot of time in your application, enduring at least two exciting interviews and in between an assessment center. And then, after a few weeks...