Running Cross-Device Campaigns? Don’t Forget User Experience!

As consumers divide their time across devices, advertisers, agencies, and publishers are looking for new formats through which to target their consumers easily and effortlessly on any screen with the same real estate as desktop ads but without the extra production cost.

To address the increasing demand, Adform’s innovation team has responded by designing and developing a scalable, responsive, high-impact format that can be served flawlessly across web environments on phones, tablets, and desktops. The Responsive Carousel format draws on each specific device’s functionality, including position, orientation, and interaction, like click-and-drag on a desktop or taps and swipes on tablets and mobiles.





On mobile devices, the ad resembles the popular mobile 3D Cube format in the vertical position with a clear call-to-action button and an explore more option for the user when swiping panels and functionalities. On tilt, the ad takes up more of the available canvas as the “cube” unfolds more content.

On desktops and tablets, the format takes full advantage of the larger canvas at the top of a publisher’s site with multiple revolving panels allowing numerous components and functionalities, such as 3D rotation, video, hotspots, panel swipe, image galleries, social media integrations, and much more.

What was the background leading to the creation of the Responsive Carousel?

When looking at what makes the best UX on a mobile, too commonly the industry has seen a desktop experience repurposed to fit the smaller real estate of a mobile screen. This is not the best practice and contradicts the philosophy of good responsive design.

Users do not use their phone like a desktop and the tools mobile devices give us mean we have to consider criteria such as touch interface, size of the creative, and how the user then explores a brand post-interaction. Within this sensitive interactive realm, a bad advertising experience can have an adverse effect on a brand or browsing experience. Our innovation team strives to consider the user and also empathizes with editorial constraints faced on content sites.


What are the main benefits of this format?

When running online cross-device campaigns on multiple publisher sites, advertisers need unobtrusive creative ad solutions that are optimized to fit any screen and inventory without dealing with technical and creative complexity. With Adform’s Responsive Carousel, advertisers get an engaging and easy-to-traffic high-impact ad format that works across multiple types of devices at scale. Our responsive format is the perfect blend of an editorially friendly layout, which is designed to give the best UX on any screen size through its clever use of expanding panels.

How does the Responsive Carousel unfold?

The panels take it from being a mobile cube, a format which Adform has consistently produced with excellent results, to a carousel when the screen size is enlarged. This provides a large and versatile canvas, which amplifies user interaction and engagement time, with a variety of panels that can house components ranging from 3D product rotations to hot spots, even incorporating Dynamic Creative Optimization and native elements; yet, what has made this format truly innovative is that what started as a custom format is now available as a self-service template upon request in our HTML5 Studio.

How do advertisers, agencies, and publishers take advantage of this format?

Advertisers and agencies need a one-size-fits-all solution for their cross-device campaigns, as it can become time-consuming and costly to build different banners and sizes for each device. Moreover, publishers want to monetize their mobile traffic effectively by enabling to sell cross-channel placements with one single ad format.

Why Adform?

We always aim to give our clients options—they can still have a high-impact and innovative custom format with newer additional components, which we can creatively consult on and build, but they also have the freedom to construct their own version using all the tools we give them to first build and then augment it through our platform.

The new Responsive Carousel format can run programmatically through the Adform Private Marketplace and Adform Automated Guaranteed, provided that the publisher has a responsive placement.


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