ATS Presents Open SaaS Developer Platform for Connected Cars.

ATS Garage kicks off with complete, cloud-based over-the-air software and firmware update management system (OTA)

German automotive-IT specialist pushes for open, industrywide standards and deployment of open source technology

ATS Advanced Telematic Systems, a German automotive-focused software company specializing in open source and open standards-based software solutions for the mobility industry debuts ATS Garage at TU-Automotive Europe 2016 in Munich. ATS Garage is the first automotive-grade SaaS platform that is open source and specifically designed for the mobility market. It provides OEM labs, SMEs, research facilities and new mobility startups with free access to read-to-use, cloud-based software services. The closed beta version of ATS Garage, which is now open for registration (, offers a complete over-the-air software and firmware update management system (OTA).


The launch of ATS Garage represents a paradigm shift for automotive IT: First, our SaaS platform is based on open standards and open source technology and therefore easy to integrate and compatible with all common software environments. Second, our cloud services, which include our OTA-management-system in the initial version, are ready-to-use und fully functional. Third, ATS Garage is for the use in an R&D environment completely free of charge,” says Armin G. Schmidt, CEO of ATS Advanced Telematic Systems.

Moving toward open mobility

ATS Garage is a living product that will continue to develop and expand its scope according to future needs and technologies. At the outset, ATS Garage is providing a complete over-the-air (OTA) update service, enabling software and firmware updates for connected devices. The service is based on the open source solution GENIVI SOTA, which was commissioned by GENIVI and developed by ATS. GENIVI is an industry alliance of leading automotive OEMs and suppliers, which is committed to driving the broad adoption of open source software in the automotive industry. Among the members of GENIVI are the car makers BMW and Jaguar Land Rover, as well as leading suppliers, such as Bosch and Continental.

Full cloud access to connected vehicles in three steps

Whenever R&D-departments – whether at OEMs, Tier1s, research labs or mobility startups – plan to acquire new software solutions, easy integration, complete scalability, ultimate data security and cost efficiency are key parameters. Since ATS Garage is hosted in the cloud and based on open standards and open source, it is faster, more flexible and more efficient than any other traditional automotive IT solution. To start using ATS Garage, simply register online (, download the ATS Garage client, integrate it into your connected vehicle, then instantly begin interacting with the fully automated service through the cloud.

“ATS Garage has been developed from scratch for the specific requirements of connected mobility. The highest level of data security and efficiency were central goals during several years of development. Currently, two Tier1s are testing ATS Garage under real operating conditions. All tests will have been completed by January 2017 and ATS Garage will regularly be available,” says Arthur Taylor, CTO of ATS Advanced Telematic Systems.

Features and functions of ATS Garage:

Managing everything efficiently in one place

  • Smart campaign manager
    Update software and firmware across numerous devices.
  • Vulnerability scanning
    Secure, analyze and control your devices.
  • Customer engagement
    Get immediate customer feedback on your new features.
  • Business intelligence dashboard
    Get valuable, real-time reporting about performance in the field.

More distinguishing features of ATS Garage

  • Automotive-grade technology
    Use a cloud-based SaaS with automotive-grade technology.
  • Flexible updating technologies
    From simple package management to 100% atomic full-disk upgrades.
  • Clean, sturdy APIs
    Integrate external services and extend functionality.

Highest security standards for sensitive vehicle data

  • End-to-end encryption
    Benefit from end-to-end security for all connected products.
  • Safety in numbers
    We use best-practice open security standards trusted worldwide.
  • Push the boundaries
    Take smart new security standards like RVI and UPTANE for a test drive.

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