How Apple Watch will increase adoption of AI?

Humans want to master technology with as little effort and interruption of their lives as possible. Therefore the ultimate expression of technology is invisibility.

When technology first enters a space, it’s all about finding out whether technology can do anything useful. Proving the concept.

In a given space, once it’s been proven that technology can improve a space, the second major expression of tech is all about rolling out tools and features to every problem/need/want facing the space. It’s like a gold rush. Everyone wants to be the first to market to solve each little problem.

After space is saturated with point solutions, and things begin to shake out a bit (usually by a combining of those point solutions via acquisition or merger), the final expression of technology in a space is for that technology to become invisible.

For a space that is ready to make the leap from point solutions to invisibility, one of the challenges for a paradigm shift is proof. People wonder, “If I don’t spend all day interacting with technology, how do I know it’s there?” Proof is required, either in hard data results or via social proof.

Luckily for any spaces teetering on the edge of that final expression of technology, Apple, the £485,000,000,000.00 gorilla in the tech world, has just lent AI a gigantic bit of social proof via Apple Watch. Having already made hundreds of millions of people (74.5 Million, just last quarter) comfortable speaking directly to their technology as if it were an assistant, Apple again pushes AI a giant step closer to reality. This time not by changing the human-software interface, but instead by changing human-software expectations.

As any loyal Android user will confirm, many Android phones do far more things than iPhones do. They are faster, have more features, and simply do much, much, more. Furthermore, not only do they do more, but their users expect that each product does even more. That expansion of capability is expected.

If this is all true, and the iPhone 6 has similar features to a Samsung phone that came out 3 years ago. Then why are Apple products dominating the market?

Great marketing? Sheeple consumers? Mind control?

I posit that this reason is that Apple sees the forest and the trees. Apple realizes that the ultimate expression isn’t a phone with 1 TB of storage, 2B apps to choose from, the biggest screen, and the fastest processor, it’s a world where we forget these things are even powering our seamless augmented-life experience. Apple has us ready for mass adoption of mostly or entirely invisible technology.

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