Appreciate, a SEBI and IFSCA registered fintech company, proudly announces its strategic collaboration with YES Securities, YES Bank, and DriveWealth to offer a suite of investment and savings products for Indians across income groups on one platform – ranging from equity investments to savings accounts and fixed deposits.

Appreciate, founded by Subho Moulik (CEO), Shlok Srivastav (COO), and Yogesh Kansal (CMO), is headquartered in Mumbai and addresses the hurdles faced by Indian investors looking to invest in global markets. The platform breaks down barriers for investing outside India, from India – removing high remittance fees, hidden charges, and minimum investment amounts.

The company has created a unique and seamless one-click investing experience to access the US stock market, which has a total market capitalization of $46 trillion. With the Appreciate app, Indians can now invest in global stocks or fractions of the most valuable global stocks like Microsoft, Tesla, Alphabet, Apple, and Amazon for as little as Re. 1 at an affordable low cost.

In addition to stock market gains, investing in US markets also allows investors to gain from USD appreciation. This factor alone gives investors access to additional FX appreciation-linked annual returns, in addition to expected portfolio returns.

Subho Moulik, Founder and CEO of Appreciate, emphasized the platform’s commitment to helping investors, saying, “This is huge savings and returns unlock where millions of people want to take the first step towards financial diversification but have always been deterred by high minimums, high fees, and a poor experience. We have solved bottlenecks others have failed to solve to make investing in US stocks easy and low-cost. With Appreciate, even a Kirana store owner in Vidarbha can open a free US trading account, buy a fraction of Tesla stock for Rs. 500 or less – and participate in a growth story that has yielded over 900% returns in the past 5 years.”

Subho added, “Today, an investor needs to go to their bank, fill out an A2 form, identify and sign up with a brokerage firm abroad, and then pay anywhere between Rs. 500 to Rs. 1,500 for the wire transfer, on top of dealing with less-than-ideal exchange rates. This has been a key challenge for Indian investors who want to diversify with investments abroad – a challenge that we have worked on diligently and solved.”

The Appreciate platform provides a user-friendly interface, granting investors access to a comprehensive suite of financial tools, personalized investment recommendations, and expert insights. Appreciate’s AI-recommendations engine helps customers identify the right stocks for them, based on key technical indicators and simplified research made available on the Appreciate platform, at the click of a button.  

Appreciate’s future offerings will extend beyond US stocks, ETFs, and bonds to Indian mutual funds, Indian stocks, fixed deposits, loans, and credit products. The company plans to rapidly accelerate its domestic product offerings over the course of the year 2024, to fulfill its vision of being the financial destination for one billion Indians to achieve their financial goals.

The company’s partners include YES Securities – a leading full-service Indian broker, YES Bank – a financial powerhouse, that provides robust banking infrastructure as a banking partner, and DriveWealth, LLC, a U.S.-based leader in global digital trading technology, which provides the US trading infrastructure to enable Appreciate customers to invest in the US stock market.

Prashant Kumar, Chairman of YES Securities said, “Our partnership with Appreciate signifies a landmark moment where 1.4 billion Indians gain the unique opportunity to not only invest but to truly create wealth, now with seamless access to overseas markets. I firmly believe that this collaboration is not just about expanding our scale and distribution; it’s about elevating the standard of service we provide to our customers. Together, we see an exciting journey of innovation and growth that will have a lasting impact for years to come.”

Speaking about the partnership, Michael Blaugrund, CEO of DriveWealth, said “At DriveWealth, we’re passionate about building a financial platform that can democratize finance for everyone. Our partnership with Appreciate is one more step in fulfilling that vision. Together, we’re bringing access to the world’s largest securities market to millions of Indian retail investors, empowering them to control their financial futures. This collaboration will unlock a new investment landscape where everyday people can use fractional share ownership to benefit from the power of portfolio diversification.”

Appreciate has also partnered with Samhita to promote financial literacy, a key enabling step towards driving mass adoption of regular saving and investing habits.

In addition to providing a full suite of savings and investment products for consumers, Appreciate also has a strong B2B technology solution stack across investments, remittances, financial distributor management, cash management, credit sourcing, credit scoring, and Gen-AI applications.  The company also works with multiple financial institutions to source credit for MSMEs and bring underserved MSMEs a full suite of easy-to-access financial solutions across savings, investments, and credit.

Appreciate’s commitment to transparency, safety, and trustworthiness, coupled with its low fees and customer-centric approach, positions it as the preferred choice for customers seeking a reliable destination to achieve their financial goals.


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