AI in Corporate Communications.

Open-mindedness is one of the most important features for corporate communications staff. Yet many of them are very skeptical about new technologies such as automation and artificial intelligence. To cheer every technology trend, however, would be just as wrong as categorically rejecting it from the outset. Rather, it is crucial to carefully examine the new possibilities. If you do not want to oversleep technological progress, you have to deal with the possibilities. Companies – also in the middle class – should on the one hand overcome fear of contact, on the other hand also define limits for themselves.

To save time

Artificial intelligence is already changing the way we work in communication: digital, voice-assisted assistants help you get relevant information faster, order things, and even edit photos and graphics. There are functions such as text-to-speech or voice-to-text, text and even text translation, automated image recognition or automated text generation. Automating recurring processes saves a lot of time and dramatically improves throughput and business communication outcomes.

Gain new knowledge

Artificial intelligence can not only save time, but also provide new insights. By analyzing behavior eg. For example, in social media, but also of calls and conversations, the evaluation and interpretation of facial expressions or body signals such as heart rate and respiratory rate algorithms can not only find out what a person wants in a certain moment – they also recognize how he in Feel this moment or how he generally ticks. With this knowledge, not only the specific approach can be changed, but also the specific offer portfolio up to the individual price.

If you are not interested in Artificial Intelligence, you will lose your job.

Austrian management scientist Fredmund Malik says he does not know of a successful manager who has not adapted his working methodology several times in his life. That’s the opportunity that opens artificial intelligence. AI can do highly specialized, repetitive tasks – much faster and better than humans. This does not exclude the creative field. Automation and Artificial Intelligence provide new career opportunities for those who engage. After all, who in corporate communications does not complain that he no longer has enough time to develop a good strategy or meaningful messaging? What Artificial Intelligence, on the other hand, can not do today and tomorrow, is to replace a communication job with a variety of tasks.

First inform yourself, then set goals and limits.

Companies are well advised to provide time and resources for the necessary steps in corporate communications. In order to set realistic goals and limits, the department first has to get an idea of ​​the current status of the technical possibilities and deployment scenarios. Often industry associations, trade fair and congress organizers offer lectures and workshops on the trend topics. In-house workshops are also possible. While the goals are usually set quickly, it is much harder to draw the limits in the first step. It may be that the question of where sensible limits of AI use in one’s own company can only be answered in a next step.

Researching and experimenting.

By experimenting with automation and AI, corporate communication trains its future viability. In order to search for suitable tools, it is advisable to name someone from the department who is both tech-savvy and speaks good English. Many technology providers offer free trial accounts and also support users in experimenting.

Check and Implement.

In principle, every company can take every step of the way to automation and artificial intelligence – testing and implementation included. Ultimately, it is a question of time, whether a company would like to rely on external experts or rather builds up the know-how completely self.


The transformation in corporate communications is omnipresent. It is also important for medium-sized sub-themes to accept this – and actively help shape change. A healthy skepticism about too rosy promises in terms of artificial intelligence is quite advisable. But it would be fatal to want to apologize for your inaction. 

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