How Artificial Intelligence Impacts Agency?

The most pressing problems at some of the biggest agencies around. Baking innovation into the culture and reducing employee churn were the most painful issues & we think agencies see these two issues as distinct and unrelated but on contrary that view is limiting. Here are a few ways these issues can be addressed and turned into agency strengths using only one type of technology: Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

Artificial Intelligence Ensures You Remain Innovative

When you deploy a new software system, there is a time where everything works better, faster, and is excitingly new. Your team and client both experience the excitement of new technology as well as the increased results. However, as a use of this software becomes the industry norm, this advantage disappears. You’re forced to go searching again for the thing that gives you the next innovation.

Artificial intelligence is a technological system that learns. A system that improves itself over time. A system that remains innovative as time goes on. Like a tireless, really focused employee, artificial intelligence is constantly improving itself. Artificial Intelligence helps you keep your technological edge.

Artificial Intelligence Reduces Employee Turnover

If employee turnover is as big a problem as agencies say it is (and 40%+ employee churn rates are certainly a problem), agencies should ensure their employees are not banging their heads against technical walls over and over. Ever had that experience of going to the DMV or some other organization where the process is infuriatingly slow, technologically backward, and wasteful of your time? Sucks right?

It follows then, that it would behoove agencies to ensure your agency’s technology isn’t causing that exact feeling for your employees every single workday. Investing in technology to make their jobs more rewarding and less aggravating is an easy way to reduce their frustration, increase their achievement, and diminish their desire to quit.

One of the big impacts artificial intelligence is having on marketing, in general, is that it removes a number of frustrating marketing steps via automation. Specifically, it removes the ones marketers aren’t good at. It makes marketers’ jobs easier by allowing them to focus and less frustrating by handling the tasks humans are inherently poor at (persistent and relentless vigilance, crunching billions of data points in seconds, etc).

Software that can improve employee quality of life while simultaneously increasing employee output is a win-win for businesses of any type, specifically those with employee churn issues.

Artificial Intelligence Impresses Clients

If you need to check a box and impress a client with your commitment to innovation, what sounds sexier than “Artificial Intelligence”? What is sexier than solving employee churn and innovation issues in one fell swoop?

Additional Unsolicited Feedback

Make clear steps for technology companies to connect and assess with your agency. If you are truly interested in making innovation a core feature of your agency, make it clear how you’d like technology companies to get “in process” for consideration.

As the founder of a company that is in this brand-new (and quite innovative, if I may say) technological space, it’s prohibitively expensive to grow an aggressive sales org while simultaneously sponsoring and traveling to all of these conferences. If you want innovation, and I want early agency partners to grow with, technologies like Artificial Intelligence should have a clearer way to connect and assess without hoops or wasted time.

Artificial Intelligence is here and since it’s in its early stages, companies like mine are aggressively making deals with partners to increase our chances of becoming a market leader. This means you, agencies, can be on the receiving end of those deals and receive the above value at affordable prices, if you make it easy to allow innovation to bake itself into your culture.


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