Google analytics 4

How B2B companies benefit from switching to Google Analytics 4.?

Companies in B2B sectors, in particular, can benefit from the upcoming switch to Google Analytics 4 in 2023. The implementation of the new machine learning-oriented analysis solution enables a cross-channel...

Is Mastodon a Good Twitter Alternative?

Ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter at the end of October, he's been making one mistake after another. First, he posted fake news, then he had satirical accounts deleted. Now it...
WhatsApp video messaging

Voice messages were yesterday: WhatsApp introduces completely new messages

Whatsapp users have been waiting for this announced update for a long time: From now on, the first users can create and send short video messages directly in the...
elearning statistics

eLearning Statistics: Knowledge Is Now Online.

You no longer have to sit in a stuffy room with dozens of other people to learn something. Digital technology has made huge leaps forward and enabled us to...

Retailers Can Personalize Both In-Store and Online Experiences with New Adobe Experience Cloud Tools.

Adobe announced new Adobe Experience Cloud tools that empower retailers to deliver personalized shopping experiences both in-store and online. These new product innovations provide...

Rethinking E-Commerce: The Benefits of Discovery Commerce.

Black Friday, which heralds the Christmas business on November 27th, should turn out to be the online shopping highlight, as it does every year, with customers hunting for bargains...
customer journey

The customer journey in B2B: explanation, examples and practical tips.

What is a customer journey? And what are the differences between the buyer's journey and the marketing funnel? In this guide, we define the term, show how to build a customer...
Good Working Atmosphere

Good working atmosphere: Why working time is also a lifetime?

For the majority of the population, working time is a large part of their lifetime. Even if the sun is shining in the job every day, joy, justice, and collegiality...
Save The Economy

Economy at risk: What Corona means for our companies? (Germany Case Study)

Traders close their shops, trade fairs are canceled, hotels have to close, the self-employed lose orders - the epidemic hits the entrepreneurs & economy at large with full force. How...
digital advertising and co2

Digital advertising and CO2 – the solution to (almost) all problems

Digital advertising and CO2 - the solution to (almost) all problems.


Perspectico Launches AI-based Job preparation platform for college graduates.

The spread of the novel coronavirus has interrupted how graduates were preparing to enter the job market. Uncertainty about job opportunities and...