attention economy

Attention – When the prospects and desired customers simply do not react.

Many people's attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. So how can B2B companies gain the interest of customers in the ever-expanding media jungle? The keyword is- attention economy.
digital marketing

The end of third-party cookies: explanation, tips and opportunities.

Exciting times are dawning for digital marketing. After years of data collection madness, online marketers now have to ask themselves: How do I reach my...

B2B content marketing in 2022

For many marketers, content marketing is part of their daily bread. We show what the status quo is in B2B and give tips.

Rethinking E-Commerce: The Benefits of Discovery Commerce.

Black Friday, which heralds the Christmas business on November 27th, should turn out to be the online shopping highlight, as it does every year, with customers hunting for bargains...

Meta: No more targeting based on sensitive data.

Meta is changing the options for ad targeting on its Facebook and Instagram platforms so that in the future companies will no longer be able to display their ads...
Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation – the control center of marketers.

Systems with the help of which marketing is largely automated are now as natural in most large companies as the espresso machine in the in-house cafeteria. Large parts of customer...
Google SEO

The SEO cheat sheet: How to optimize your website for Google search?

I rarely describe classic search engine optimization (SEO) here in the blog. Nevertheless, it makes sense to regularly revise your company or freelance website so that it can be found...

Shopping with artificial intelligence.

In the future, consumers will be able to use artificial intelligence to be presented with exactly the products they need - whether they already knew it or not. The Alibaba...
Facebook SME Corona Campaign

Facebook embraces medium-sized companies with a corona campaign.

The majority of Facebook advertisers are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The group, which is currently suffering from the advertising boycott under the motto #StopHateForProfit, now embraces this with coaching,...


How Can Internet of Things (#IoT) Transform Businesses?

Organizations are quickly realizing the importance of IoT to their businesses. The IoT is a network of internet-connected gadgets that can gather...