Vinod Pahlawat, Chief Growth Officer at CMS IT Services

Business Growth and Expansion: Unique Opportunities & Challenges in The Indian Scenario.

India, is the land of more than 1.4 bn people. It is indeed the most populous democracy. About 47% of this number is under the age of 25 years. Imagine being...
Job and salary

Enduring a lousy job: When a good salary turns into compensation for pain and...

“Why are you still doing all this to yourself?” I ask many clients who complain to me about their bad job, which they have stubbornly endured for years. They complain loudly...
Harikrishna Prabhu Chief Operations Officer (COO) TechnoBind Solutions

Protecting Data at Rest- An Important Consideration for Organizations Seeking Cybersecurity Solutions.

The battleground for cyber threats has surpassed traditional network vulnerabilities to reach the troves of stored data. As organizations struggle with safeguarding their digital assets, the focus on protecting data at...
Abhay Joshi Director - Product Strategy, Crayon Software Experts, India

Why ISVs Are Catalysts of Digital Transformation in the Era of New-Age Technology?

The role of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in digital transformation is indeed pivotal. They are not just vendors but innovators and disruptors, crafting the architecture of the new digital enterprise era....
Blind Signing

“Blind Signing” phenomenon: Why many job changers now end up in the wrong job?

A new phenomenon is currently emerging in the job market and is causing a lot of frustration among job changers: they notice shortly after starting their new job that it's not...
Venkataraman D Executive Director of Sales & Strategy Crayon Software Experts India

Navigating the Future: 5 Key Sales Trends to Watch in 2024.

As we look ahead to the new year, the landscape of sales is poised for transformative shifts that will redefine the way businesses approach their customers and drive revenue. The ever-evolving...

Achieving Global Trust in the Future: Escrow Payment Solution to be the Key Solution.

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the ability to trust in global transactions has never been more crucial. With the rise of e-commerce and cross-border trade, the need for secure and...

People are the most important channel for international brand identity.

A brand is just a colored logo and a slogan, isn't it? Wrong thinking behind successful branding is much more. HCL Technologies, an Indian global IT services company, recently launched a new brand...
B2B marketing

B2B Marketing & Sales 2022 – Adaptability as a decisive advantage

The lockdown has presented new challenges to well-established sales and marketing structures in the B2B sector. A study by the Ruhr University Bochum has addressed the question of whether B2B marketing and...