ITSM - a major requirement to start a digital transformation journey and ensure high ROI - expert comment bySatish Kumar V CEO Everest IMS Technologies

ITSM – a major requirement to start a digital transformation journey and ensure high...

IT Service Management (ITSM) can be a key differentiator among enterprises as it provides agility, improves inter-department communication and automation power to manage various business needs and situations. At...
Tom Thomas, Head Marketing, CMS IT Services

COVID-19 Conversations: Tom Thomas, Head Marketing, CMS IT Services.

Tom Thomas is a Mission-oriented Marketing Leader with 14+ years of experience in the growing market share of Infotech solutions. Demonstrated track record of developing and executing marketing plans...

4 MSP Industry Trends for 2022

Over the years, the MSP solution market has matured well, and there is no shortage of similar solution stacks to choose from. Also, the solutions have increasingly become easier...
Interview with Vikrant Khanna

Interview with Mogi IO Founder and CEO Vikrant Khanna.

This month, we conducted an interview with Mogi IO founder and CEO Mr. Vikrant Khanna. We asked him questions regarding business, Mogi IO, and future plans. If you enjoy the entrepreneurial spirit,...
Quit Job

Quit job? 10 questions that you should answer with “yes” beforehand.

Quit or stay? Many employees are currently asking themselves this question, after all, the willingness to switch is high after two years of crisis. Lack of further development, short-time working or...
Rajat Singhania Founder SocioRac-Hylyt

SocioRAC Founder interview with

SocioRAC - Company Profile Established in 2017, SocioRAC (Brand) is a technology startup working in the area of Information Management. SocioRAC aims to generate 2.5 billion...
Letter of Thanks after Job Rejection

Letters of thanks after job rejection.

As an applicant, you invested a lot of time in your application, enduring at least two exciting interviews and in between an assessment center. And then, after a few weeks...
interview questions for bosses

Interview questions: How to find out everything about your new boss and colleagues?

With " interview questions " most applicants join the nasty trick questions from HR managers to their worst weaknesses or real change for reasons that should never find a new employer best. Asking...

Dealing with Cyber Security Challenges in a Post-COVID World

With Covid-19 hitting the headlines, it has forced most organizations to adapt to new practices and norms such as Social Distancing, Sanitization, and Remote Working. While the world is...
advice for Self-employed

Self-employed – Don’t Panic. Remain prudent and entrepreneurial!

The expansion of the government's aid package is correct and necessaryNevertheless, as self-employed, we cannot only rely on the stateNow it's time: don't panic, but more entrepreneurship


Why is the brand called that? Today: Tesla

We will probably never know whether it was really Elon Musk alone who chose the name Tesla, or whether the founder's Martin...