CFO’s the Game Changer.

After being heard by lot many marketers/CIO’s specially from Tech companies where they need to fight like crazy to get the best of the marketing budget/Tech buying budget with so called the right hand of CEO’s of the organization i.e. CFO’s.

In western countries as per a survey done many CIO’s/ CMO’s report to the CFO’s at the end of the day. As CFO’s are the guys who releases cheques and sitting with money. So, it’s a high time to start engaging them more alongwith other C’suite both online/offline.

In generally most of us used to think that CFO’s are meant for making P/L and other financial statements but it’s a half truth. The role of CFO’s have changed now they aren’t only the overall incharge of P/L but also work as an influencer when we talk about ROI related to Marketing and Infrastructure building.

CEO’s rely on them heavily as they are the custodian of the funds and are in safe hands. Not focusing on them can lead any Pitch proposals unproductive.

At the end would like to say that we need to start making friendship with CFO’s because they are companies “Watchdog Not a Bloodhound” and are really a business game changer too.

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