Christmas email marketing checklist.

With Black Friday begins the sales-intensive Christmas business. E-mail marketing can help increase sales – if you keep a few points in mind.

Christmas Email Marketing Checklists

  • Clean up invalid e-mail addresses
    Delete all e-mail addresses that have so far proved to be permanently undeliverable, could not be delivered three or more times and are “Role Account” addresses (eg – info @, postmaster @ , abuse @, support @, techsupport @). Inactive or dead addresses carry a high risk of becoming spam traps. Be sure to remove them from the list as spam trap shipping will quickly result in ISP blocking.


  • Consider complaints
    Capture all recipients who have complained about your emails (spam complaints) and do not send them any messages in the future. Track addresses of complaint emails through ISP feedback loops. Once you add new opt-ins to the list, exclude the addresses of the claimants by eliminating them from the list or hiding them when sending.


  • Resume contacts
    If you have not set up an automated re-engagement campaign yet, start a one-time email campaign to reactivate those customers who have not responded to your email over a period of half a year. Send a one-time e-mail message asking your recipients if they would like to continue receiving your e-mail. Remove any recipients who do not respond to this opt-in from your list.


  • Personalize emails
    Also note that many customers are sensitive to increasing the frequency of emails and easily click the spam button. We always recommend 1: 1 personalization of emails through an engagement platform.


  • Switch to Christmas Miss
    your templates on all channels a Christmas look. Other advertising materials could perhaps use a Christmas motive. You still have enough time.


  • Addressing Opt-Outs
    Meet all opt-out requests, not just requests from preference centers or unsubscribe links. Also remove opt-outs received via e-mail or through a call center, and be sure to manually update your list prior to Black Friday. Also, check all the touch-points your customers use to sign up for marketing channels and (also importantly) unsubscribe. Make sure that everything technically works properly.


  • Check triggers and automated messages Do
    they work smoothly? Do some need to be temporarily disabled during the Christmas business? For example, you might want to turn off the automated demand for product reviews in the Christmas business because many products are bought as gifts.


  • Get everyone on the boat
    Tell your customer service teams (in-store and call center) about your marketing initiatives and specific Pre-Christmas requirements. Emphasize the value of this lucrative sales season and motivate your team!


  • Prepare technology Make
    sure your website can handle the increased volume of requests technically. Use last year’s traffic as a guide and do not risk crashing your website just when business is booming!


  • Provide an alternative
    If your initiatives do not reach their goals in the bustle of the Christmas business, you need an evasion plan. As a precaution, develop some multi-channel campaigns with attractive special offers to boost traffic.

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