Content marketing is a little like dating.


Marketers are realizing that traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective and they’re trying to find sexy and functional ways to advertise.

An effective way to advertise and connect with your consumers is Content Marketing. Content Marketing is the marketing technique which creates and distributes valuable, entertaining, inspiring and consistent content to it’s readers. It’s purpose is to train the reader and lead him into a profitable activity. Content Marketing is an ongoing process which takes time and implements the overall marketing strategy. Content writing has to be trustworthy and reliable.

The essence of this strategy is the belief that if we deliver consistent, valuable information to consumers, they ultimately reward us with their loyalty.

Why Is the Content Journey a Lot Like Dating?

If you think content marketing is about soliciting customers, think again. Effective content marketing is about building lasting relationships through trust, expertise, and a sexy brand. It’s about helping others so they get to know your company, what it is you do, and your thought leadership before they commit as customers. In a sense, it’s a lot like dating.

Content marketing is often compared to dating. You can’t go straight from “hello” to “I do”, but with a bit of courtship you can woo your leads and turn them into customers.

Stages to create engaging content

1st Stage – Attract: Create content designed to build brand awareness and drive web traffic.

2nd Stage – Charm: Create high-value, in-depth content designed to build trust and strengthen the relationship between the vendor and the buyer.

3rd Stage Convert: You’ve nurtured your audience, now it’s time to let them know why your business is right for them.

And Last Stage – Retain: Once you’ve sealed the deal and made a conversation, you need to keep their interest with amazing content (freebies, gifts and offers).

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