How to write content to position it on the Website?

When positioning your brand or business in the eyes of Google it is essential to have written content, but this content is not always optimized or does not have the necessary information or data. Users know if they are reading good content, not only return to your website but will transmit it to other users and share the material you generate.

That’s why we bring you some points to take into account when writing content for web positioning:

  • How long should the content of the blog be? In general, the content of a blog must have between 300 and 500 minimum words. Longer articles are not read, as Internet users are accustomed to a quick and short reading. For this, it is also recommended to divide the text into intertitles indicated in bold.
  • It is important to use images: All written content must be accompanied by an allusive image and in turn, this must have the Alt attribute, which the search engines use to know what they show. It is also the text that is read when the image is not You can load with the rest of the content of the page.
  • Use internal links: Internal links help distribute the relevance of the site and serve to guide our users about the content we write, the most advisable is to suggest visiting articles or product sheets related to the subject that is being addressed in the text.

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  • Add the correct keywords: Think about the words that a user can search to find the content of the web. There are tools to see the searches related to a topic, one of them is the Google Keyword Planner.
  • Integra always a call to action: It is recommended to integrate the call to action at the beginning and end of the article, your intention can go from downloading a program, buy a product, read an article or visit a page
  • Do not replicate existing text on another page. It is necessary to avoid copying the information present in other articles so as not to be penalized by the search engines. These penalties occur because they do not offer different content to users.

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