When Twitter steals your Brand using Cortex.

Last year Twitter bought a small 5-person startup Cortex that used artificial intelligence to identify objects in photos and videos. At the time, no one knew how and where Twitter planned to use its new technology.

That changed this week when Twitter unveiled an internal team that employs artificial neural networks, a form of deep learning AI that resembles the web of neurons in the human brain. As Wired reported, the team initially sought to detect porn and other offensive content through image recognition.

But Twitter has much grander plans its artificial intelligence operation. Following similar efforts by Facebook and Google, it hopes to leverage its huge corpus of Tweets to better understand user behavior and preferences. Among other things, Twitter will use AI to recommend people you should follow, curb spam and display more relevant tweets and ads.

And the new name of Twitter’s AI team?

Twitter Cortex

We here at Cortex, the original social media AI company, applaud the name choice.

Twitter is a social media platform where 328 million monthly active users microblog (share 280-character updates) with their followers. It’s a cross between instant messaging and blogging—or social messaging, but it’s also been crucial for news reporting, event promotion, marketing, and business. Whether you’re a fan or not, Twitter has become the ninth largest social network in the world and Cortex, Twitter’s in-house engineering team has turned to the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to help enhance the platform’s user experience. In order to train its algorithm to recognise what’s happening on a live feed, Cortex used deep learning.

Ideas and insights you can steal

As Twitter’s team illustrates, tools powered by artificial intelligence can be used to improve or enhance your products and services. The collaboration between humans and artificial intelligence help to accentuate the best attributes of each.

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