Cybersecurity for industrial plants.

Even industrial tax systems are now in the sights of hackers. The engineering and consulting company Pyöry now wants to support the operators of such systems in securing.

The risks associated with hacker attacks on industrial control systems (ICS) go far beyond data security. Successful attacks on key infrastructures such as power plants, water supplies or health systems can have a direct impact on physical operations, threatening people’s health or even life, and also entailing significant financial and reputation-related risks. 

To help industrial equipment protect its ICS against such threats, engineering and consulting firm Pöyry had launched earlier a special cybersecurity offer. With its own competence centers for cybersecurity in Finland and Switzerland, Pöyry has access to knowledge in the fields of industrial plant automation, process engineering, and IT security.

“Our experience shows that most industrial equipment owners still view data security primarily as an IT issue,” notes Jonni Talsi, chief cybersecurity engineer at Pöyry. “While they are aware of the risks associated with successful attacks, they often fail to take a holistic view of cyber risks, which includes the physical aspects of operations as an integral part,” Jonni Talsi, continued.

Customized Cybersecurity solutions to international standards.

Pöyry, therefore, offers a variety of ICS cybersecurity services, all based on international cybersecurity standards and best practices, and tailored to the specific needs of different assets. This will include training of plant personnel to improve cyber-awareness, as well as designing, assessing and monitoring the implementation of ICS cybersecurity programs for in-service facilities and greenfield facilities.

“With our new service offering, we help companies best secure their industrial assets against potential cyber attacks,” says Jonny Talsi. 

The most important characteristic of a resilient installation is the ability to isolate potential damage to a small area and resume normal operation as soon as possible.

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