How safe are company data?

The European Data Protection Day once again focused on how companies protect their data. Their safe use is critical to the future of any business. The data volume is growing continuously.

IDC predicts that by 2025, 175 zettabytes of data will be generated worldwide per year. Cloud Data Management experts look at the opportunities and threats companies face in increasing the use of cloud services.

The cloud – blessing and curse at the same time.

For many years, there has been some kind of innovation drought in protecting data, especially in backup and recovery. Then came the cloud, which in many ways required innovation but brought many new possibilities.

While traditional data management systems resemble a vault where everything valuable is secure and locked, the cloud has a more productive purpose. Data is copied to another location so that it is immediately accessible and recoverable when a data security incident such as ransomware occurs.

Confidential business data is useful, especially in conjunction with machine learning: whether it’s about making future business decisions or just identifying gaps: data analytics can help provide valuable insights and insights to every level of the business.

However, since data is no longer just stored in their own premises, it now means that companies have a variety of infrastructure environments that need to be protected. This in turn results in the opinion of rubric a wealth of new challenges.

Businesses need to be able to effectively protect their data in these new complex multi-cloud environments. Therefore, it is imperative that they have a solution designed from the ground up for cloud-based applications. It’s all about high performance, scalability across hundreds of nodes and multiple clouds, and easy-to-use, enterprise-grade backup, and recovery.

Be one step ahead of cybercriminals

As data grow at phenomenal speeds in businesses around the world, they are more vulnerable. Access to data can be compromised at any time by system failures, power outages or, even worse, cybercrime such as ransomware attacks.

These days, the danger of cyberattacks is hard to avoid. The ever-growing amount of valuable data stored digitally increases the attack surface. Companies in all industries are affected by this rapidly advancing epidemic. Some of the biggest data breaches last year have involved big companies like British Airways, Carphone Warehouse, Ticketmaster and Superdrug, which only proves that cybercriminals are not picky. Everyone is a potential target, and in today’s world, it’s more about the “when” than the “if.”

Given the current cybercrime, it is in the opinion of heading no longer sufficient to prevent attacks. Businesses need to be one step ahead with validated systems that can be quickly and easily recovered so they do not have to pay the ransom for ransomware attacks and return to business as usual in record time.

(Data Security) Privacy is not an insurance policy.

Everything is digital now, and as a result, there is all that data that can be used more and more to add value. In response, there needs to be a higher level of protection across the board.

Data Security is no longer an insurance policy only for the case considered very unlikely. In today’s world of increasing data volume and cyber attacks, data protection has become business critical, especially as DSGVO is now consistently implemented. Regardless of the size of the company, the opinion of rubric now requires action. This means investing wisely in the right level of data security so that the business can continue to operate after an unexpected event. This can ultimately make a difference if ransomware becomes a costly, time-consuming disaster or just an inconvenience.

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