Digital Advertising 2023.

How is digital advertising developing over the next five years? 

One thing seems certain: Agencies and advertisers will face major challenges as early as 2019.

For agencies as well as advertisers this year, it is equally important to manage the balancing act between specialists and generalists with the ability to integrate. This also means a continuous change between setting up specialists and integrating established ones. To this end, the border between digital advertising and the “classic” media will be further resolved, with education and training becoming even more important.

Last but not least, the market needs to find a way from short-term project thinking to long-term, strategic planning. The best solutions develop over years, not days. The transfer of fast iteration cycles from performance marketing fails in brand building.

Changes become final.

To glimpse the future, it is worth looking into the past. Although automation in the last five years has had slower effects than hoped, the developments – especially the programmatic planning and booking process – will be final. These developments will continue to progress. Over the next five years, we will see the shift from machine learning to real AI, another immersion, blending private communications and advertising messages, to massive changes in job profiles and new structures.

What has worked with internal collaboration in the past, provided that the company has created the necessary freedom and openness, must be done externally in 2023.  Even though the claim of the “lead” will not completely disappear, agile partnerships and the awareness that one’s own working reality has changed must be anchored in the mind.

The goal is moving.

Those who still think (or have to think) in profit centers and the next quarterly report in 2023 will be overrun by the developments and should prepare for early retirement or have long since been sold to Accenture. There are times when it is hard to make it through this transfer phase without a pioneering spirit. According to Jeff Bezos: “It’s still day one” can already mean day three or four in five years. This has nothing to do with “digitization”, but with their long-term impact. With the openness and the will to reinvent oneself over and over again and with a healthy dose of courage and attitude to work towards a moving goal, we will continue to see media as a design discipline in 2023 and go to work with joy.

amardeep kaushal

Blogger, Marketer & Data Analyst.

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