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Do Your Thng, a creator-first tech platform announced the launch of three more languages on its app. With the release, the app is now available in Hindi, Marathi, and Tamil, besides English, making it easier for regional creators to discover and explore DYT.

The Hindi internet user base (201 million) in India is set to overpower English-language users (199 million) by the end of this year, estimates a Google-KPMG report. And it is not just Hindi, nine out of ten internet users in the country are likely to use an Indic language.

Marathi users, along with Bengali, are driving volume growth, while Tamil users are the most digitally engaged. The pool of Hindi, Marathi (and Bengali) users accounts for 75% of Indians browsing the internet. YouTube backs this growth in regional content consumption and states that 90% of all video consumption is in local languages. Moreover, 60% of its watch-time comes from beyond the borders of the six largest Indian cities.

It is to reach this larger audience, who speak and read in vernacular, that DYT introduced the new capability. The language change is available on both Apple and Android apps. The feature comes with the option to switch to any preferred language – English, Hindi, Marathi, or Tamil – at any time. Users even have the flexibility to reverse the localization.

Ankit Agarwal, Founder, Do Your Thng said, “We’re ecstatic and excited with the launch of new languages on the app because it allows us to embrace the power of ‘Bharat’ and cater to regional content creators, a niche that has been steadily growing in the last two years. It’s our first step towards supporting vernacular creators and bringing them to the notice of brands, finally shifting focus from creators who produce only English content.”

KPMG reports that 88% of Indian language internet users are more likely to respond to a digital advertisement in their local language as compared to English. This has given rise to a burgeoning vernacular content market in India, estimated to be worth $53 billion. It evidences that regional content and its creators will drive the next phase of growth in content consumption and digital marketing. DYT’s move to launch the app in more languages gives them access to this bank of creators.

About Do Your Thng

Founded in 2019, Do Your Thng (DYT) is a branded content marketplace and a one-stop tech solution for all influencer marketing needs. The web desk module, for marketers, uses a path-breaking AI-powered algorithm to help them discover creators that match brand personas and assist in campaign management. The DYT app is free for all content creators, where they can find paid brand campaigns, network with other creators, or upskill themselves through DYT Academy.

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Do Your Thng – in Brief

DYT is a creator-first tech platform, which has created AI-powered algorithms to help discover creators and ensure a seamless experience for creators and brands. It also has in-built analytics that calculates the ROI on-brand campaigns.

The influencer campaigns conquer audiences only when the brand-creator partnership is natural, because it shines through to followers, creating engagement. Manually finding that perfect fit is a Sisyphean task. So, DYT has successfully created path-breaking AI-powered algorithms to help marketers to discover creators that match their brand persona.

The innovative technology also vigilantly vets each creator for bots, tone, voice, past campaigns, and more, ensuring the ethos of the brand and creator are in synergy. Besides making creator discovery and collaboration effortless and accurate, the platform makes it possible to scale. From sourcing custom content to amplifying advocacy, brands can simultaneously partner with millions of creators cost-effectively.

The current situation in India is skewed towards mega creators, resulting in attention and wealth being disproportionately concentrated on them, leaving the massive mid-level creators floundering. These mid-level creators are not household names yet, but they have immeasurable potential and the makings of an astronomical, aggregated following. What they lack is resources, and that’s where DYT comes in. 

Thus, DYT platform build the following:

  1. Help build audiences and monetise their content in diverse ways.
  2. Educate and upskill them through DYT Academy.
  3. Support them with all ancillary services, so they remain focused on what matters most – content creation.

As the creator economy builds up, DYT believes in building a thriving community that encourages and enables creators to create content! Thus, DYT platform helps marketers find and collaborate with creators who are either authentic brand fans or already using it.


The start-up uses an open brief – content upfront model that flips the campaigning process in a brand’s favour.

Transparent campaigns

The brand opens the campaign brief to relevant creators through the self-service dashboard on DYT platform. Once creators pitch a variety and volume of eye-catching content, the brand has complete control over which pieces are approved and bought. This element of filtration in the model puts the onus on creators’ shoulders to make compelling content.

Analytics and ROI driven

The dashboard on the platform provides brands with performance metrics and measure quantitative metrics at a granular level. The DYT score, a unique data point, guarantees that brands can identify the correct creators for their briefs.

The Interface:

The DYT solution is available for creators in app form on both Android and iOS. It’s free for creators of all sizes to sign up, select a brand campaign and get going with what they do best: creating content and getting paid for the approved pieces. 

The DYT interface for the brands is available on a web desk module. It helps them discover and shortlist creators, uploads briefs, approves content pieces they like, and pay the creators online, all at the click of a button.

Do Your Thng Academy: An initiative that is “For the creators, By the creators.”

The academy is a place exclusively for budding content creators to learn content creation. The virtual learning space, available on the DYT app, aims to make education more accessible through snackable courses. The vision of DYT Academy is to help creators kick-start their careers and turn their passions into livelihoods through easy, snackable courses. Experts and veteran creators can earn through DYT Academy by submitting their own course on all-things content and monetization.

The DYT Academy has three categories of courses: beginner, medium, and expert. Each course is divided into modules and further into units to make learning simple. The DYT Academy will provide exhaustive learning opportunities through video and text-based courses. Additionally, creators will have a direct line to professional content creators to answer any questions or queries. On completing a course, creators will be awarded a certificate.

Growth of Do Your Thng:

DYT was founded in December 2018 and the beta version of the app was launched in July 2019. Within three months, the app took its final shape and by December 2019, the team had grown to 10+ who started working on the brand-focused platform. The tech platform went live in September 2020. 

By November 2020, the team grew to 25+ who were working with more than 125 campaigns and paid over INR 4 million to creators as rewards.  With the turn of the financial year, DYT saw a 4x growth.

As of October 2021, the entire product and tech team is in-house, with a team strength of more than 40  people. DYT has achieved two pivotal milestones: 500+ campaigns and 65000+ creators, putting us on track to a similar, steady growth by the next financial year. 

Last year, DYT onboarded Hemant Dua, the ex-CEO of Delhi Daredevils as the co-founder and Chief Growth Officer, and in late January 2021, Bhavna Darira joined as the Business Head, who was heading the business vertical of one of the largest media houses in India, Hindustan Times.

Some of the clients which DYT has worked which include Intel, PayTm Insider, Financepeer, SonyLiv, Nescafe, Coinswitch, Savlon, OnePlus, Zee5, Jim Beam, etc.

Expansion & Funding

Early this year, DYT raised fresh funding of $150,000 led by Mumbai Angels with participation from Faad Network and Angel Bay. This marks the second investment for Angel Bay in DYT.

The funding would help DYT to fuel the next growth phase and help accelerate the expansion of its influencer marketing tech platform.


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