Does THE entrepreneurial personality exist?

I often hear: Bro, I don’t even know if I have what it takes to be self-employed. Does THE entrepreneurial personality exist? And if so, what is it like and how do you find out if you have it?

Are you born an entrepreneur? My Partner and I both believe no – so much in advance.
HOWEVER: It helps if you learned certain values ​​and characteristics as a child.

Some worry because they don’t have entrepreneurs around them. There were no self-employed in the family and they have no role models in their current circle of acquaintances either.

But 1. you can also learn certain things in a different environment and 2. you can expand your circle of acquaintances.☺

My Partner and I both happened to grow up in an entrepreneurial family. My Partner talks about his father’s business and some formative experiences. We both saw and experienced certain values ​​and attitudes day in and day out that help us today.

My partner admired his father for his love for his work. And his very great customer friendliness stuck with him.

I, on the other hand, copied my parents’ perseverance and absolute reliability.

There is no question: many non-entrepreneurs also live by these values. And yet: As a child, you naturally get this entrepreneurial life with you.

However, experiencing this as a child can also lead in the opposite direction – as with my partner and me. Self-employment was not an option for us at all for many years.

What qualities characterize an entrepreneurial personality?

Neither of us believes that the secret formula exists. Or the absolute factors without which you cannot be successful in self-employment.
However, there are certain qualities that are helpful.

1. Risk-taking

As an entrepreneur, you need a certain willingness to take risks. But avoid black-and-white thinking. You don’t have to jump out of the plane right away. And certainly not without a parachute. Risks can also be divided into small steps. And: An entrepreneur calculates the consequences, which he is consciously willing to bear if necessary.

2. Patience, perseverance, perseverance

Most things take longer than we think. Things often don’t work the first time, or maybe not at all. You need a high level of frustration tolerance in order to continue on your own initiative even after defeats.

3. Resilience

In the beginning, you have to do everything. It is not enough if you are good at your subject and enjoys doing it. Every task – from accounting to marketing – lands on your desk. There is a lot to do and in principle, there is never enough time.

4. Dealing with uncertainty

You are moving in self-employment – even if you know the content of the topics – on uncertain terrain. Much cannot be planned. Very structured people in particular often find it difficult not to always know how a situation will develop and to get involved with this uncertainty.

5. Being able to work solo

Some founders feel downright lonely at first when they start out as solopreneurs. Maybe in the home office, so that they basically never have to leave the house. Especially if you are a team player and are used to working in a team before, it is definitely worth thinking about this point and finding solutions to it.

6- (Self-)motivation – the basis of every entrepreneurial personality

The best motivation comes from a passion – for a subject, for a topic, for a vision, or, quite fundamentally, for the topic of entrepreneurship. YOU have to lead yourself because when you are self-employed nobody tells you when you have to do what. This motivation is an essential foundation and will help you to develop all of the above qualities.

How can I tell if I’m an entrepreneur?

My Partner says: Definitely test and try. He explains what he means by that in the podcast.

I say: Be sure to check the above motivation. Is there really a passion or a deep desire behind it? Or is self-employment more of a way of escaping something? An emergency solution maybe?

Because only if you start out of conviction and approach the matter with joy and motivation will you be successful in the long term and, above all, happy with this decision.


Yes, there are certain characteristics and requirements that will certainly make it easier to start your own business.
And no, not all entrepreneurial characteristics can be generalized, and therefore there is no secret formula for the entrepreneurial personality.

If you are wondering whether self-employment could be something for YOU, then let’s just talk.


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