Audience Network Ads: Extending your Facebook ads beyond Facebook.

Since launching last year, Facebook’s Audience Network has helped advertisers reach more of the right by people by extending Facebook ads into other mobile apps. Today, as they launch new tools for publishers to make it easier to serve native ads through the Audience Network, we’d like to share how the Audience Network has performed for marketers so far.
The power of Facebook ads, in more places.
Over the last year, tests by both Facebook and our partners have shown how Audience Network ads are working for advertisers.
We found that Audience Network ads work well in tandem with ads on Facebook by extending the reach and delivering returns that are comparable to News Feed ads. Audience Network ads helped the US Navy increase its campaign reach by 33%.
Rosetta Stone used Audience Network ads to drive installs of its mobile app, reducing cost-per-impression by almost 40% and reaching people whose engagement and likelihood to purchase was nearly 30% higher compared to other ad networks.
We’re excited by our performance in the Audience Network, which from a return-on-ad-spend perspective, has become our top acquisition channel. Using Facebook’s targeting tools, the Audience Network was able to deliver us quality users at extremely favorable costs.” — TJ Hunter, Director of Digital Marketing, Rosetta Stone
Research by Fiksu, a marketing API developer, showed that people who installed ecommerce apps from Audience Network ads drove 20 times more revenue for the advertiser than people who downloaded the app from other display network ads.
Facebook Marketing Partner Nanigans compared cost-per-impression of Facebook News Feed ads against Audience Network ads and found that cost-per-impression from Audience Network ads was comparable to News Feed ads. In fact, in the ad campaigns studied, Audience Network cost-per-impression was 3% lower.
Expand your reach with the Audience Network.
The Audience Network helps advertisers reach the right people in ad formats that work on mobile. Audience Network ads are available everywhere you create Facebook ads and require no added effort. To start delivering your Facebook ads via mobile apps, just check “Audience Network” under Placement in the ads creation process.

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