More support for small businesses in Asia.

There are now over 40 million active small business Pages on Facebook. As this community continues to grow, we’re committed to helping each business achieve its goals.
That’s why earlier this year we launched Ads Manager app and built creative andeducational resources for both big brands and small business marketers. To recap,Blueprint is a new e-learning education centre that trains big brands and their agencies on how to create better campaigns, while Learn How is the equivalent for small businesses.
Now we’re announcing two new ways for Facebook marketers to connect with us: our 2015 Boost Your Business program and email support.

Boost Your Business Program

We’re hitting the road again to talk to small businesses around the world about ways they can grow their business.

In Asia, we’re hitting four cities in South Korea next month as part of our 2015 Boost Your Business program to connect, share best practices and marketing strategies with small businesses. We’ll also be visiting Melbourne and Sydney in Australia in the next few weeks and plan to hold a series of community events across Asia in the second half of this year. Stay tuned.
Advertiser support
Businesses now also have access to email support. By clicking “Get Help” on the Facebook for Business website, advertisers can send an email message and receive a reply within one business day.

Live 1:1 online chat support on desktop is also being rolled out to the US, UK and Ireland now and this service will be available for marketers in Asia by July. We’re also testing mobile chat and phone support this year and will announce new channels as they become available.

Helping businesses grow

We’re also extending personalised support for new advertisers with our Facebook Go program. Businesses that invest S$40 or more per day on their adverts for 30 days will be able to work with a dedicated Adverts Specialist to grow their business.
We’re committed to helping small businesses succeed on Facebook so they can grow and contribute to their communities. We’ll share more updates in the coming months as we continue to build more resources for marketers.

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