Gen AI Trends 2024

Influencers expect 2024 to be a revolutionary year for AI, marked by the rise of open source AI models and LLM operating systems that challenge the established models such as GPT-4. They believe these advances will democratize access to AI and drive innovation across various sectors, which will encourage companies to use these technologies to increase productivity. However, they also point out the challenges posed by this change and emphasize the need to address ethical concerns and strengthen security measures.

Strict AI Regulations
Influencers emphasize the need for ethical regulations in 2024. The rise of open source AI models and applications across various sectors brings challenges, including privacy and cybersecurity risks. Therefore, they advocate for responsible use of AI through strict regulations and guidelines from organizations and governments to minimize potential risks.

Entertaining and educating with AI-generated videos
Influencers believe 2024 marks an important milestone for AI-generated videos as they overcome the challenge of time consistency. This advancement leads to longer, more coherent video content – a critical development in this area. Influencers see this as a revolutionary change, particularly for the entertainment and education industries, offering new methods for creating and experiencing video content. This development is not just a step forward, but a complete shift in the way we approach video production and engagement.

Growing Role of GenAI in Cloud Technology
Influencers expect 2024 to be a transformative year for the integration of AI and cloud technology, primarily driven by advances in generative AI. They’re seeing important shifts in the technology landscape as companies like Adobe navigate integrating new AI tools amid fluctuating revenues. The emergence of open source AI and LLM operating systems, which challenge dominant models such as GPT-4, suggests a move towards more accessible and diverse AI applications across numerous sectors. This trend represents a significant technological development that opens new avenues for innovation and industry growth.

AI-Driven Security and Threats
Influencers predict that generative AI will play a critical role in improving cybersecurity and emerging new threats in 2024. They see this technology as a double-edged sword that can strengthen defenses against cyber threats while enabling more sophisticated attacks. Influencers say organizations need to prioritize advanced AI tools for robust security while preparing for the complex challenges posed by AI-powered cyber threats.


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