Facebook Hacked again.

The next leak on Facebook? 257,000 accounts are affected, the hackers speak of data to 120 million accounts – and wanted to sell access to it.

Facebook just can not relax. Only in October had been spied on a Facebook Hack 50 million accounts ; out of 14 million, very sensitive data was stolen. Cambridge Analytica remains as well known to most. Now it is public that hackers have published private messages of at least 81,000 accounts on Facebook. Details on significantly more accounts were given by the hackers. However, Facebook speaks of browser extensions that are to blame, not the social network.

Is Facebook responsible for the data leak?

The BBC reports that hackers have gained access to private messages from users on Facebook and made them public. There is talk of messages from at least 81,000 accounts. The perpetrators have even told the Russian BBC Service to have details on 120 million accounts in store. In fact, the hackers had placed an ad and offered to get ten cents to access an account. In total, data from 176,000 accounts were also made public.

Facebook states in this case that its own security system has not been cracked. The data, which the criminals have captured, have rather been leaked due to a browser extension that tracked the activity of users on Facebook. Although the company did not want to call for a concrete extension, it is convinced that it will not be responsible for the latest data leak.

“We have ordered browser-makers to ensure that known malicious extensions are no longer available to download in their stores. We’ve also been contacted for a statement on Facebook,

so Facebook executive  guy roses .

The leak, which was reported in September, was reviewed by the Russian BBC Service. It contacted some users and was able to confirm that the private messages belonged to their accounts.

The BBC was able to confirm that private user news had been published, © BBC

Such messages included information about personal aversions of family members or recent family vacation pictures. There was also an intimate conversation between two lovers.

Uncertainty about the leak

The extent of the data peak remains open. The BBC received a response from a person or group of people called John Smith, who had advertised access to the accounts. She said that this hack was a novel and 120 million accounts were affected. However, this number seems badly overdrawn, as Facebook had not overcome the security system. The IP address of the site that published the data leads to St. Petersburg.

It remains to be clarified whether a browser extension was actually responsible for the leak. If so, then the provider in question must take responsibility for the damage incurred by the users. Nevertheless, the recent data leak, which mainly affects users from Russia, but also from the UK and Brazil, remains another blow to Facebook. Critics will continue to ask questions and expect answers. Why can Facebook data always get into the hands of hackers? In fact, there are a variety of explanations, for some of which Facebook certainly carries no or only limited liability. Nevertheless, the image of the social network continues to cause damage and skepticism among users and advertisers is likely to grow. Because this will probably not be the last hack on Facebook.

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