What are the incoming or inbound links?

Incoming links – or also known as inbound links – are references to our website on other sites. The references are in the form of a link or link that points to our site (usually they go to the Home but they can go to internal pages as well). These links are very important because they are used by Google as a signal of Authority when it comes to showing a website better positioned in the SERP.

Inbound links

This concept of authority by references is widely used in the scientific academic world. When a  scientific paper is published it can be understood how relevant it becomes as other papers refer to it. If the content of that study is important and offers value, it will surely be highly referenced from other studies. And this will generate that both the study and the author of it gain credibility and authority to become more references in the subject addressed.

In SEO this works in the same way. When a website publishes information that is relevant and offers value, it is more likely to be referenced by other sites. And we are not just talking about scientific content. A product at a good price, a detailed review of a product or service, a good photo or just a blog that explains something can offer value. When this happens, the chances of someone seeing that content increasing and referencing it at some point with a link increase.

When we talk about links we refer to the typical structure of a link in HTML. This is a reference to a web page from a word, image or text string.

<a href="https://cxoherald.com"> B2B research portal </a>

In the case above, the word “B2B research portal” is referencing www.cxoherald.com site. The same thing put on a website would be seen as a reference to CXOHERALD on another website, this being then an inbound link to CXOHERALD. The more inbound links CXOHERALD has, the better the tendency to appear higher in organic search results will have.

It should be noted that when we talk about incoming links there is no reference to clicks or visits. Google analyzes that these references exist regardless of the number of clicks or visits a website has. Many mistakenly believe that the greater number of clicks or visits the better positioning will have. This is actually just the other way around. The greater number of incoming links, the better positioning and therefore the greater number of clicks/visits they will have.

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