Interview with Dhananjay Nagarkatti -Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer at Innovsol Systems and Technologies Private Limited

Dhananjay Nagarkatti is a decisive ICT professional with experience of over 20 years of delivering success through a variety of roles across the Manufacturing, Telecom, and Telecom VAS industries. He is widely travelled and exposed to multiple cultures, with experience in working with multi-national teams. Passionate about driving business value, building trust relationships with customer and business partners, and leading high-performance teams, Dhananjay co-founded Innovsol Systems basis his all-around experience in new product development and business augmentation.

Dhananjay has overall strategic and operational responsibility for the entire portfolio of Innovsol’s offerings and oversees the key functions of Operations, Finance, and Human Resources while ensuring all program initiatives align with the company’s core values and culture. Keen on building a world-class team, he looks to develop and integrate staffing programs designed to attract the highest caliber of talent while satisfying the needs of our clients.

An entrepreneur at heart, Dhananjay is at the core of the digital advisory services that Innovsol offers to its customers. A keen developer of robotics in analysis, Dhananjay plays an important part in the digitization of the workforce for clients by offering customized robotic solutions, thus leading to zero human errors.

Working in key positions across leading technology firms, Dhananjay has experience in all round business development responsibilities like New Product Design, Development & Delivery, Go to Market Plan/Strategies/Execution, Pre-Sales, Sales & Business Development and Partnerships, Alliances, and Account management.

Widely travelled and experienced in handling international teams, Dhananjay started his entrepreneurial venture – Innovsol, towards building a world-class services enterprise on niche & disruptive technologies. One of the key initiatives that were undertaken at Innovsol is to build a product agnostic Robotic Processes Automation (RPA) Competency which showcases the consulting strengths of the digital workforce in the future digital economy.

Dhananjay is an electrical engineer from Manipal University and an Executive MBA from IIM, Kolkata.

Dhananjay Nagarkatti -Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer at Innovsol Systems and Technologies Private Limited
Dhananjay Nagarkatti -Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer at Innovsol Systems and Technologies Private Limited

Recently we interacted with Dhananjay and tried to take his input on value creation in the digital age from his and the company’s perspective.

  1. Could you please introduce yourself and your company to our readers? What was the inspiration behind establishing Innovsol?

My name is Dhananjay Nagarkatti, I am the founder and COO of Innovsol a new-age consulting and services firm. We leverage digital technologies for innovative bespoke solutions that combine both technology and business intelligence. Innovsol has been catering to businesses across various fields such as Banking and Finance, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, and many others, helping enterprises through their digital journey.

Being an entrepreneur at heart with a love for technology, I observed how silently yet impactfully, the tech revolution was shaping changes across fields and I wanted to create something that could act as a growth catalyst for business across India as well as abroad. That is how the genesis of Innovsol came into the picture.

2. What, according to you, is value creation all about?

Value creation is all about solving bigger problems via micro-level changes. Integrating technologies to gradually enhance the operations within a business, such that innovation is done with the purpose of solving problems for the end-consumer while keeping the sanctity of the business, is what’s value creation. Moving on the same ideology our company brings out the best of commerce and technology by integrating the tech expertise and business intelligence to catalyze change and deliver results towards enabling the enterprise goals by harnessing the power of emerging technologies.

3. Value creation and making money: are they really the same?

They are not the same but they do go hand-in-hand; if we take for example any company over the years that has consistently created value, it has also accumulated wealth and grown multifold in terms of size and valuation. The key is consistency and innovation and our growth over the years has been driven by our constant innovations across sectors for different clients.

4.  How is your thinking about the relation between problems and value creation practically helping you? Before starting Innovsol Technologies, I guess you have identified a problem to solve, and you must have found a better way to solve it than others can.

Adhering to my own beliefs that problem-solving leads to value creation, before starting Innovsol, I identified a major gap in end-to-end digital services that can foster the growth of companies of different shapes, sizes, and fields simultaneously. That’s how I thought of launching a new-age consulting and services firm that can efficiently leverage digital technologies and create innovative curated solutions for businesses of all sorts.

5. How about creating value by solving problems that have not been expressed yet?

The best example of this can be inferred from the start-ups that boomed amid the corona crisis where the world was standing at an unprecedented standstill and yet some brave innovative minds took saw opportunity in adversity and started solving problems. We cater to  a vast variety of clients from different sectors and often are met with challenges that are unique in nature, but our team takes this challenge and owns it by delivering smart solutions through technology.

6.  What do you think is changing in the way innovation is being done in times of digitalization? What is new?

Today innovations are being made with the aim to reduce human errors by letting programming robots do the complex extent of work efficiently; this is also what we follow at Innovsol. We provide solutions that encourage businesses and organizations to create an automated workforce by offering a stage for programming robots.

The new factor in play today is the rapid penetration of technology at the customer’s end which has allowed companies to reach them faster and more effectively.

7. What can organizations learn from good practices in agile software development to get better at creating value?

Our Agile methodology helps us to deliver the right solution to our customers. A solution that does exactly what customers need, thus creating value for our customers.

Our solutions are delivered quicker by working in iterations. Being agile helps teams to only do things that have value. By focusing on the customer needs with the highest value multitasking is reduced. Effective collaboration and communication in teams also reduce process

8. What best HR practices are you using within the company to become an attractive place to work for software developers? 

Candidate experience during recruitment plays a prominent role in the recruiting process. Quite a few factors can create dissatisfaction with the recruitment process but two of the most oft-repeated factors on the job boards are the long delays in communications and non-provision of feedback to unsuccessful candidates. The key to providing an outstanding candidate experience is to design the recruitment journey from the candidate’s point with a constant flow of communication at each stage of the recruitment stage.

Secondly, the pandemic has reshaped the work model. Talent acquisition specialists have adapted their work models to conduct online onboarding versus meeting candidates face-to-face. As the workforce evolves with more technological advances, workers will strive for more work/life balance. The majority of the employees want to work from home. As an organization, we need to adjust and consider incorporating remote or hybrid work models while also cutting costs.

9. How do companies like yours manage to capture value from open-source software?

We are partners to OEMs in the RPA space and we do not work with any open source software.

10. How do you and your organization look at CSR as a tool to create value within your ecosystem and society at large? What all engagements your organization have done till now?

We understand that CSR is a form of self-regulation that reflects our business’s accountability and commitment to contributing to the well-being of society through various measures. That said, we are too early in our corporate journey to have looked at this mindfully. And when we do it will be on the lines of Environmental Responsibility and Promotion of Education.


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