Jim Marggraff speaks on Eye-Interaction and the IoT

“When you look at any HCI (Human Computer Interaction), and look at all wearables and AR and VR, there is something that is common among them. It’s one word: Intent.”
— Jim Marggraff, CEO and Founder of Eyefluence

How does eye-interaction relate to the Internet of Things (IoT) and the connected world? In his recent interview with the Editor-in-Chief of ReadWrite, our CEO, Jim Marggraff, discusses what he believes is the future of HCI: transforming intent into action through our eyes.

Solving the “input problem” with eye-interaction

With current AR and VR devices, we have what’s called “the input problem.” You have beautiful information displayed in front of your eyes, but how do you interact with it? Current methods of input are head, hands, and voice, all of which are incomplete. At Eyefluence, we have achieved the core requirements for eye-interaction on an HMD: robustness, small size, low power/processing and natural UI/UX. Our technology goes beyond the sensor components of a traditional eye-tracking system, actually giving the user the power to control their device through eye-interaction.

Transforming intent into action

Eye-interaction is an interface that’s natural. If you look at how humans interact with devices, it all begins with intent. A person uses technology because they want to accomplish some action. Every action you take begins with your eyes. What’s the best way to interact with information or control a device? You really should be able to just look at your fridge or thermostat to control it with your eyes. Your eyes are the fastest moving organ in your body, so the speed at which they move approaches the speed of thought. Eyefluence eye-interaction is as close as you can get to mind reading.

The standard UI for HMDs

Eyefluence is making eye-interaction the standard UI for head mounted displays. Our technology will be deployed in the next generations of AR and VR devices. The language we’ve developed for interacting with a display using eye movement will be as common as the way we use our fingers on smart phones.

When you look at what eye-interaction means for IoT, it’s essentially connecting our biology to technology. We’ll call it the Bio-T. The eye-brain connection is something that takes the IoT and makes it more accessible for people.


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