Announces Official Relaunch November 14th, 2016 With Photo Contest for New Users

People-based crowdsourcing social media site encourages users to share passions and support each other financially through “Dollar Power” philosophy. announces its official re-launch on November 14th, 2016. is a social media website focusing on the interaction of its users through their passions., with the Dollar Power philosophy, encourages people to not only share their passions with others, but to also support each other financially through a people-based crowdsourcing model to achieve success. Irregardless of class level, a “lyfer” community will revitalize local economies unlike any program instituted in U.S. history. has released a 30-second commercial to show the essence of what presents to the global population. The commercial is available for viewing on the website or on the Lyfeblood YouTube channel:

To celebrate its relaunch, will be holding a contest for new users to get involved with the new movement.  Starting on the first day of the launch, first time users can take a unique photo of themselves performing their passion and submit them to any Lyfeblood social media account. The person with the most interesting photo and with the most social media shares will receive a $200Lyfeblood gift card to go towards supporting their passion AND a movie ticket gift package. Please sign up to for more info.

“The brands and company logos we are familiar with today are the remnants of the analog age. They are working to stay current. Some are more successful than others. Nova Phoenix continues, “However, technology and society is growing into a space where the playing field is balancing in the direction of sustainable local communities, living within a more interwoven economic concept.”

Join the contest, share yourself, make the commercial viral and become the first pioneers of a new age!


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