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Magic xpa 3.2 includes Windows Mobile 10 Client, iOS 10 Support, UX and productivity enhancements along with an improved Upgrade Manager.

Magic Software Enterprises Ltd., a global provider of software platforms for enterprise mobility, cloud applications, and business integration, today announced the latest version of its rapid application development platform, Magic xpa 3.2.

The code-free Magic xpa Application Platform provides an easy-to-use, highly-productive and cost-effective development environment that lets organizations and ISVs quickly create multi-channel mobile and desktop business apps.

Enhancements in the Magic xpa 3.2 release include:

  • New Windows 10 Mobile client and iOS 10 support for expanded mobile options
  • UX and Productivity Improvements for simplified and faster development
  • Web Services Gateway providing support for n-tiered application architecture for enhanced data security
  • Availability of a New Compare and Merge Tool for easier management of multi-developer and multi-version applications
  • Improvements to our popular Upgrade Manager utility and additional backward compatibility features, for smoother, faster and more customized upgrades

“Following the amazing feedback and uptake of our 3.1 release at Upgrade Sessions held around the globe, we are happy to give our customers even more reasons to upgrade with Magic xpa 3.2,” states Ami Ries, Vice President, Research and Development at Magic Software Enterprises Ltd. “With enterprise apps at the heart of digital transformation processes, Magic xpa’s powerful and highly productive environment can give enterprises an important competitive edge.”

Magic xpa Application Platform is part of Magic’s End-to-End Enterprise Mobility Solution, which also includes Magic xpi Integration Platform, Magic Mobile Device Management and Magic Mobile Professional Services. Magic End-to-End Enterprise Mobility Solution provides organizations with a holistic and cost-effective solution for the rapid creation and deployment of secure, enterprise-grade mobile business apps.

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