MAINFRAME trends for 2019.

The mainframe will continue to hold its place in corporate IT in 2019. Which developments will be particularly influential knows Hubert Göhler, Sales Director ZSO in the DACH region at BMC.

Innovations in software and employees.

This year, we will see changes not only in technology, but also in the workforce. On the one hand, companies will prioritize application modernization, but also invest in training their employees. Many old-school IT professionals and mainframe experts will soon be leaving active careers, which means that companies need to prepare millennials for such tasks.

In addition, even more automation will find its way into IT operations. Machine learning, analytics and intelligent algorithms will pave the way for self-managing mainframe environments that can solve problems without human intervention. In view of the widespread shortage of skilled workers, companies should also pay particular attention to the aspect of automation.

Mainframe and DevOps – two worlds meet.

There is no isolated IT environment, especially in large companies. The discussion around DevOps focuses mainly on cloud-based applications, but the reality is that modern applications are still often based on a multi-layered architecture that spans mobile, cloud, middleware, backend transactional and data servers , In this environment, the mainframe is the most powerful, secure, and reliable backend infrastructure. It must enable the application teams to work in a multi-layered development process.

This requires tools for impact analysis, code review, and code management, as well as rapid and secure changes to the underlying database. By 2019, companies will work to fully leverage the agility and speed DevOps can offer. With the right approach, mainframes can become an integral part of the DevOps process. Big companies will not be able to take full advantage of this new deployment model without connecting their key platforms.

The mainframe convinces the management level.

The digitization and increased mobility of all kinds of applications are putting pressure on IT in general and mainframes in particular. More and more varied data transactions must be carried out in shorter and shorter periods of time. 

Fortunately, the longevity of the mainframe is based just on being able to reinvent itself over and over again. As a result, the technology is able to adapt to the demands of the modern business world, ensure almost constant availability, and efficiently handle billions of critical transactions. This means that the mainframe will continue to be a sustainable platform in 2019 and beyond, and more and more IT Operations Managers will recognize this year. 

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