Personalization is the main focus for data driven Marketers.

The topic of building one-to-one conversations with audiences has gained traction over time, but this year marks the acceleration of marketers strengthening their personalization strategies. In fact, marketers across the world named consumer personalization the number one “next big marketing trend of 2018,” according to BrightEdge Research. And it’s no wonder why—given that personalizing video marketing can result in a 200% lift in brand metrics.

In terms of personalization goals, 31% of U.S. senior decision-makers are focusing on delivering a seamless personalized experience across different channels. And 55% of these marketers cite personalized communication as being crucially important to improving customer satisfaction. While marketers recognize personalization as being important (91% acknowledge their company needs to improve upon its personalization capabilities), 84% feel that technology’s potential has not been fully realized to accomplish this goal.

This implies that while marketers want to improve their personalization strategies, they don’t know where to start. That’s where the data-driven video comes in as a scalable way to personalize video messaging to all audiences—simply by leveraging one (or several) existing video assets.

Data-driven video can provide marketers with increased effectiveness by being more relevant with their audiences.

Personalized data driven video makes complex communications easy, important information clear and inspires viewers to take the next best action across paid and owned media channels. Connect with your customers across the customer lifecycle through email, SMS/MMS, on your website, in your portal and within your mobile app. Encourage viewers to take the next-best action through programmatic video, Facebook, YouTube and OTT.

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