Marketing 2019: AI only on every fourth on the agenda.

Companies focus primarily on content marketing and marketing automation. This is the conclusion of the new “Digital Marketing Trends 2019” study. 

Content dominates digital marketing.

As in the past year, content marketing can assert itself as a top topic among marketers. 77 percent say that in 2019 they will focus on creating relevant content for their own target group. In second place lands Marketing Automation – here want to attack 68 percent. The new “Rising Star” of digital marketing turns out to be the topic of Customer Experience, which is relevant for 57 percent of respondents this year. 

It is gratifying to see companies increasingly engaging in creating relevant content and using marketing automation to target them to the right audience.

AI and digital assistants are still new territory in practice.

Although the use of artificial intelligence and digital voice assistants should be the new game changers in marketing, these trends are still finding little favor in the marketing departments of many companies. Just one in four wants to deal with the topic of AI this year – with Alexa and Co. only one in ten. 

The tourism industry is showing the greatest interest in artificial intelligence – as many as 35% want to deal intensively with the topic this year.

SEM managers and social media marketers can look forward to more budget.

Four out of ten respondents say they continue to grow their marketing budgets for the Search and Social channels, similar to the year before. Brand manufacturers are the most generous, and even more than one in two wants to increase the budget for social media. On the other hand, employees in the event and print sectors are less likely to be pleased. One in five companies, for example, wants to reduce the event budget and even every third of the print budget.

At the same time, a fundamental downward trend in marketing budgets can be seen. While 29 percent of those surveyed wanted to spend more money on advertising in the past year, by 2019 there will still be 27 percent. It is questionable whether the declining willingness to invest is due to more cost-effective advertising measures or budget shifts to other areas of the company.

The survey asked participants two questions: what topics they will be addressing this year and how the budget for the various marketing channels will change. In addition, respondents were able to tell whether they were in a small, medium, or large business and how many employees own their marketing department. 

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