Is your competition still using the META Keywords? Free data!

There are many people who think that SEO = META Keywords. The truth is that nothing can be more wrong about reality. When Google started using this tag to understand a little more about the content of web pages, but now its algorithm is sophisticated enough to do without it. Despite this, there are people who prefer to complete it “just in case”. In today’s post, we are going to show you why using the META Keywords is an error.

Sometimes it happens that when analyzing the content written by our competitors we see that some still use the META Keywords tag. What we are going to do is crawl the site, raise that information and then analyze the keywords that are targeting to be able to decipher their goals as a company, opportunities missed on our site, etc.

How to scrape your competitors’ SEO data?

    1. Open the Screaming Frog .
    2. Mode menu> Spider
    3. Write the URL in the search bar and click on Start
    4. In the Meta Keywords tab, we see the information that was lifted from the site. Copy this column.
    5. Paste the data in an Excel
    6. Sort the column alphabetically to get rid of empty cells
    7. Select the column and then separate the information in columns by comma (Menu Data> Text in columns> Delimited> Other (write a comma> Finish)
    8. Cut each column and paste it at the end of column A (this can be done with a macro for large volumes of information)
    9. Repeat step 6.
    10. All the content should now be in column A. Copy everything and paste it in column B.
    11. With column B selected, click on Data> Remove duplicates (only from column B)
    12. In cell C1, write the following formula: = COUNTIF (A: A; B1)
    13. Copy this formula for each cell in column C that has content in its corresponding cell in column B (this indicates how many times each keyword in META Keywords is repeated within all the crawled pages)
    14. Graph the data to analyze it more visually

When you see the most repeated keywords within the META Keywords tag of your competitors you will be able to see what kind of content is most targeted by them, find opportunities to generate content not contemplated within the posts of your site, etc. If this benchmark is done for thousands of pages, you can get valuable information about the SEO behavior of your competition. Do not miss this opportunity!

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