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People have been telling us for years that ‘this is the year of mobile’. People talk about it as though it’s a fad. But let’s be honest – This isn’t a fad this will come and go. After all, we check our phones 80 times a day1 & by 2020 a whopping 83%2 of India’s populations will have a mobile connection. So not only is mobile still around, but it’s growing fast. The power of mobile in India is indisputable, but the real question is – how will you harness this power to grow unlock new opportunities for your business?
Mobile is reshaping our behavior, changing our expectations, building new habits and ways of expressing ourselves. And more important to business, mobile is transforming where, how and what we buy. Facebook has built Mobile Moves Business platform to highlight these opportunities and give you the insights you need to start to shift your thinking.

The untapped opportunities of mobile in Business

The opportunities for business on mobile are massive. By 2020, 80%1 of retail e-commerce in India will be on mobile. Which is not surprising, since % time spent on mobile will grow by 66%2by 2018 vs just 4 years back, while other traditional medium like TV, Print etc. will see a significant decline. Businesses, however, are not keeping pace with the consumer – even though Indian consumers spend 21%2 of their time on Mobile (up to 2.2 hours a day in case of Young Adults!), only 7%2 of marketing ad spends are invested on this medium.
As behavior continues to move toward mobile, these opportunities will only grow. And the more mobile becomes part of your marketing and business strategy, the better situated you’ll be to benefit from this momentum.

Mobile has transformed the shopper journey and Business

Thanks to mobile, the shopper journey now starts anywhere and leads everywhere. Brands have new moments to turn people into customers—while we’re out and about, or even watching TV on the sofa. Today in India, 76%3 of all shopper journeys contain mobile – be it for browsing, shortlisting or discovering new products.
But it’s not just happening on one device. 67%3 consumers say that they are more likely to shop with retailers that make multi-device shopping easy. As for closing the sale, 42%3 consumers use mobile to transact or purchase and 88%3 say that they will use mobile to purchase next year. It’s no surprise that this behavior is mirrored on Facebook, where 79%4 of online purchases were on mobile. In fact, Facebook plays a key role in the shopper’s journey given 9 out 105 e-commerce users are on Facebook and 90%5 consumers who seek information on Facebook are likely to buy the product.

How to win in a mobile-first world?

Mobile is important because people are important. Marketers that understand the shoppers of today will be able to create real results and grow their business. Here are 3 tips to win shoppers over on mobile:
  1. Be where the shoppers are
    Reach people on mobile, where they are spending their time, throughout their shopping journey. There are more than 166 million people in India that access Facebook every month, waiting to hear from your business.
  2. Create work that converts (aka be “thumb-shopping”)
    Deliver the right message at the right moment to move shoppers down the funnel. With this approach, you can maximize the value of the various Facebook ad units to capture attention, generate demand, entice intent and drive sales.
  3. Measure results across the journey
    Track real business results across devices and channels. The Facebook Pixel and SDK were developed to help you capture intent, understand the impact of your ad campaigns and increase the probability of conversion.
With over a billion mobile users worldwide, Facebook and Instagram have been at the centre of this business shift, driving customers from discovery through purchase and beyond. Facebook’s family of apps and services have been built with the mobile audience in mind, giving you the key to unlock the future of commerce.
Learn more about how you can tap into the power of mobile with a custom learning path at Facebook Blueprint.

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