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Adverse weather conditions can destroy livelihoods and habitats but new technology promises to help land owners get a step ahead of Mother Nature. Mothive, a London-based company, uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to turn environmental data into an asset. Its network of sensors and actuators are used to survey an area in real-time and feed the information back to users to support their decision making or trigger an immediate response.

The wireless sensing devices, which the company calls ‘Motes’, start monitoring their surroundings as soon as they are installed in a forest or field. As well as collecting data, they can also activate other systems, such as sprinklers. They incorporate a range of plug and play sensors that record temperature, humidity, UV and ambient light, vibration and motion. The ‘Motes’ can also generate their own power through a solar module and communicate with each other via a mesh network. A Gateway can route data between the ‘Motes’ and an external IP-based network. One data sample is available every three minutes for at least a year, or a rate can be selected to meet a user’s requirements.

This capability is powered by two STMicroelectronics STM32F4 SoCs that utilize ARM®Cortex®-M4 processors and Cortex-M3 based CC2520 and CC2538 SoCs from Texas Instruments. The ARM-based solution was selected because of its low power consumption and high performance, which underpins the remote monitoring and data storage functions, as well as enables a long battery life.

The intelligence gathered by the ‘Motes’ is accessed through a customized dashboard. It draws on big data analytics and prediction models to enable people to compare the current statistics against key performance indicators and historical information; and plan ahead. Data can be collected from a number of assets, wherever they are in the world.

Mothive is planning to widen the range of devices available to users and implement them across a number of other sectors.

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