NeuralGarage, a deep tech startup from Bengaluru, has managed to break new ground in the generative AI domain with its proprietary technology, VisualDub, which helps with multilingual lip sync in media. Ad films and other marketing content in India are usually produced and shot in Hindi and then dubbed into several different languages, making them look inauthentic to regional viewers. NeuralGarage’s tech helps in making this content native and local for regional consumers by syncing jaws and lips of actors with the dubbed audio by leveraging its advanced Gen AI capabilities. This technology is face and language agnostic.

The NeuralGarage team recently partnered with Amazon India for their ad campaigns that went live across TV and digital platforms. This collaboration represents a global first use case of integrating generative AI technology, revolutionizing content creation and the last-mile consumer experience. It promises to be a groundbreaking development in the use of AI in media and advertising that can accelerate the integration of such technology throughout the industry.

The use of VisualDub in reducing visual dissonance in media through the realistic visual-aural cues generated through it opens the door for similar applications worldwide. In a country with over 22 primary languages, there is an urgent need to personalize the content on digital platforms, OTTs, or broadcast networks. NeuralGarage is looking to play an essential role in delivering that.

With cultural sensitivity gaining increasing focus, a country with such a rich cultural heritage and diverse linguistics, with regions having their unique language or accent, generative AI certainly holds the promise for advertisers, content creators, and filmmakers to synchronize lip movements with the dialogue, making the entire audio much more real to the viewer. This story is also likely to play out similarly across the world.

Mandar Natekar, Co-founder, and CEO of NeuralGarage said, “We are thrilled to showcase the capacity of VisualDub to demonstrate the creative applications of Gen AI. Our vision at the company has always been to harness the true potential of Generative AI. With AI use cases gaining renewed interest and attention worldwide, we remain committed to fostering innovation in this domain.” 

With AI chatbots, tools, and software dominating the news cycles worldwide, competition is heating up regarding who can come up with the next revolutionary innovation. Such a success story for a generative AI startup would only likely serve as an inspiration to similar companies.

Subhabrata Debnath, Co-founder, and CTO at NeuralGarage, stated, “The aim behind VisualDub has been to minimize visual dissonance in content and media. We are committed to continuous innovation, pushing the boundaries of generative AI and extending its reach into various industries. We truly believe that our work would allow the seamless creation of multilingual lip-synced content that builds a stronger and closer bond between the content creators and the end-consumers.”

With AI poised to dominate most segments and industries, NeuralGarage is well-placed to aggressively sustain its momentum into tech development and elevate VisualDub to revolutionize content creation and the last-mile consumer experience.

About NeuralGarage:

NeuralGarage is a deep-tech startup based in Bengaluru, India, specializing in generative AI technology. Started by IIT Kanpur alumni and senior leadership from the media & entertainment industry, it is at the bleeding edge of technology and innovation in AI. Its vision is to make global communication seamless across languages, content & media. Backed by institutional VC fund Exfinity Ventures, NeuralGarage has raised $1.45 million to date in seed rounds. It is backed by angel investors like Amit Patni. For more information, visit


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