Oracle Marketing Cloud for B2B Marketers.

New marketing automation and content marketing capabilities break down marketing silos and simplify cross-device content creation.

Oracle  announced enhancements to the marketing automation and content marketing capabilities within the Oracle Marketing Cloud that simplify digital marketing and empower marketers to deliver a truly personalized cross-channel customer experience. The latest additions to Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Content Marketing enable marketers to create and distribute content, and easily transform data in order to rapidly adapt to customer behavior and needs. This helps customers to increase sales and marketing collaboration, build stunning cross-device content and accelerate lead generation.

Ever increasing customer expectations are forcing B2B organizations to rethink established marketing processes in order to break down internal silos between marketing, sales and other customer facing departments and prevent a fragmented customer experience. To address this challenge, Oracle has introduced a new Content Portal, Program Canvas and Responsive Content Editor within the Oracle Marketing Cloud. These innovative new capabilities give marketers the power to align sales and marketing by making approved marketing content easy to find, track and share.

“The very nature of B2B marketing is changing and as a result marketers need to rethink content strategies and work closer than ever with sales to generate and convert leads,” said Stephen Streich, senior director of product management, Oracle Marketing Cloud. “With the latest additions to Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Content Marketing, Oracle is empowering marketers to quickly create and share compelling content across their organization and reduce the number of steps required to identify and pursue new leads. This will drive efficiency across the marketing and sales process and ultimately help marketers improve the customer experience and lead generation.”

The new enhancements to Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Content Marketing enable marketers to:

  • Find, track and share content across the organization: The new Content Portal allows cross-functional sales and marketing teams to find and utilize the right content at the right time using search criteria including Sales Stage, Buyer Persona, Content Type and custom fields. Individual users can subscribe to content that is relevant for them which then triggers automated notifications as soon as new content assets become available. Easily embedded into any third-party application or page, the new Content Portal also allows users to work in the tools they know enriched with capabilities they need to easily find, track and share marketing approved content.
  • Improve speed to lead and data normalization: The new Program Canvas empowers marketers to quickly set up data transformations and data normalization workflows. A new Listener Framework makes the data workflows dramatically faster and more responsive by listening to lead scoring models, forms and new contact creation events to give marketers the ability to be more responsive to critical prospect behaviors. In addition, next-generation application integration capabilities significantly reduce the number of workflow steps necessary to manage and maintain data, improving speed to lead while keeping databases maintained.
  • Streamline and simplify responsive content creation: Slated for planned release in early CY 2017, the new Responsive Content Editor helps marketers make content more meaningful and responsive by removing technical roadblocks.

The Oracle Marketing Cloud is part of the Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud, one of the industry’s most complete CX solutions. Oracle CX Cloud empowers organizations to improve experiences, enhance loyalty, differentiate their brands, and drive measurable results by creating consistent, connected, and personalized brand experiences across all channels and devices.

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