The End of Marketing Tools.

To date, marketing technology has been comprised entirely of marketing tools. And I use the word ‘tools’ specifically and pejoratively. The word has a specific meaning in the digital world. Just as in the analog world, a tool in the digital world is something that is inert. Something that is waiting for a human to turn it on and use it before it provides value.

Even so, a Marketing tool can be extremely powerful when it comes to brand marketing. The correct Marketing tools can be the difference between success and failure. Tools got us to the moon.

However, the right Marketing tools in the wrong hands are just as bad as having no tool at all. This is because tools require operators. Tools require intelligent intention. Tools require time, effort, and expertise to be used correctly. Tools do not inherently provide value. Tools do not guarantee ROI. Cortex is raising the bar for marketing software to do exactly that.

Cortex advances marketing software beyond the realm of tools into the realm of artificial intelligence (A.I.) where software operates more like a team member than a tool. Cortex is able to operate itself, persistently, and entirely automate the aspects of marketing that humans don’t do well to empower the aspects of marketing that humans do well.

Cortex is creating a world where marketing software operates intelligently – Building its own data sets, making autonomous decisions, and taking marketing actions all without human time, effort, or intervention.

Cortex operates like a specialized member of your marketing team by combining the explosion of marketing data that we’ve seen in the past decade and marrying it with machine learning. By this method, Cortex is capable of learning, deciding, and acting on behalf of your marketing organization in a way humans simply can’t. Moreover, the data that drives Cortex empowers the human marketers to do their jobs better.

Like the best of your team members, Cortex takes high-level goals and continuously and flawlessly executes, needing human input only occasionally for the handshake with the human part of marketing.

If you think about what makes someone a low performing member of your team, It boils down to two main things: poor results, or requiring too much investment in terms of time, effort, and attention. Does this description sound familiar?

Marketing tools are, at best, like poor team human members. Cortex just might become your favorite team member…period. 

Welcome to the age of Marketing A.I.

amardeep kaushal

Blogger, Marketer & Data Analyst.

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