SoftBank and Zimperium to Offer Security Solutions for Mobile Devices in Japan.

SoftBank Corp. (“SoftBank”, President & CEO: Ken Miyauchi) and US-based Zimperium, Inc.(Open in a new window) (“Zimperium”, CEO: Shridhar Mittal) today announced an agreement with SoftBank to offer AI-powered security solutions, developed by Zimperium®, for mobile devices in Japan. Starting November 15, SoftBank will roll out ‘Security Checker powered by ZIMPERIUM’, an application for the iPhone. SoftBank also plans to propose additional security services to enterprise customers in the future.

With the spread of the mobile Internet thanks to smartphones and other mobile devices, a great variety of services, including electronic payments, online storage and social networking, can be used conveniently by individuals and enterprises. At the same time, unknown malware and cyberattack methods that target personal data and companies’ confidential information via apps and the mobile Internet are appearing in rapid succession, making it difficult to protect data with standard OS features in some cases.

In this environment, Zimperium’s mobile security solutions incorporate a proprietary AI-powered threat detection engine built to detect both known and unknown threats. The company offers a wide range of products for enterprises and end-users, including security solutions for smartphones, security-conscious software development kits for fintech apps and other categories, and tools for companies to collectively manage the security of multiple devices. Furthermore, with its detection of ‘StageFright’, a bug that made a major impact worldwide in 2015, Zimperium’s track record for discovering unknown cyberattacks done via applications and networks is getting increased attention. Zimperium is dedicated to find and help fix flaws across the entire mobile ecosystem including both Android™ and iOS.

Security Checker powered by ZIMPERIUM, which SoftBank is offering in Japan, is an application developed by Zimperium. The product incorporates Zimperium’s AI-powered threat detection engine and notifies customers of threats, such as the remote chance of accessing unauthorized Wi-Fi access points disguised as safe public Wi-Fi and dangers affecting smartphones. In addition to SoftBank customers subscribing to the ‘iPhone Basic Pack’ (monthly charge of 500 yen excluding tax), all customers in Japan with compatible devices can use the stand-alone version of the application for a monthly charge of 350 yen (including tax) by purchasing via the AppStore).

SoftBank and Zimperium will work to provide security solutions for mobile devices so customers can use the mobile Internet with even greater safety and security.

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