The spotlight is on Japanese IoT device inventors from +Style and ARM collaboration

Japanese Internet of Things (IoT) entrepreneurs now have the chance to show off their new device ideas on a global stage thanks to a collaboration between the ARM Innovation Hub and the +Style IoT platform. The +Style platform introduces IoT startups to funding opportunities, enabling great ideas from Japanese entrepreneurs to be turned into commercial products. The partnership with ARM’s Innovation Hub provides successfully-funded designs that use ARM® technology with an opportunity for attention across the US, EMEA and APAC. The objective is to generate interest and additional funding for the companies to move on to more advanced development. “Market changing products can be created when innovators connect with audiences that share their passion,” said Charlene Marini, vice president of segment marketing, ARM. “+Style provides a powerful way for the new generation of Japanese innovators to showcase their ideas and potentially see them turned into mass-market products. We look forward to showcasing ARM-based innovations from across the Japanese maker scene and hope they will excite investors and inspire other developers worldwide.” The first ARM-based devices are showcased on +Style and will be integrated on to the ARM Innovation Hub shortly. ARM and +Style are members of the SoftBank Group of companies.

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