In the future, consumers will be able to use artificial intelligence to be presented with exactly the products they need – whether they already knew it or not. The Alibaba cloud solution thus takes the digital marketing of the multi-company to the next level. And gives the customer – at least the plan – an optimal or at least completely new buying experience. Unilever has long been working on new ways to get its products to consumers as efficiently and successfully as possible. Now the international brand giant has started the next level of marketing.

Cooperation with Alibaba Cloud

This is to be made possible by a collaboration agreement recently concluded with Alibaba Cloud. As part of this partnership, Unilever is to use Alibaba’s cloud-based technologies to push the demand for products across all channels – online and offline.

To this end, a number of technologies from the Alibaba Cloud underpin data intelligence analysis, which includes machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify customer and market patterns. These analyzes provide detailed insights into the buying behavior and buying habits of Unilever customers.

Know today what will be asked tomorrow

In a second step, the data-driven business intelligence Unilever could help to force the creation of new and targeted digital marketing campaigns. It could also enable Unilever to predict more accurately and respond faster to changing customer buying habits across multiple platforms.

Fang Jun, VP Data and Digital, Unilever China: “Customers’ buying behavior is constantly changing; when and where to buy has made marketing more agile and precise to stay relevant and reduce marketing waste. Using Alibaba Cloud’s cutting-edge technology will ensure that through relevant campaigns and activities based on real knowledge about their buying preferences, our customers get even more value from their relationship with the Unilever brand. ”

According to Unilever, others should also be able to benefit

The collaboration between Unilever and Alibaba Cloud was announced at the Alibaba Cloud Global Summit, where “China Gateway 2.0” was also presented. The program, in which Unilever is involved, hopes to help Alibaba Cloud partners and customers accelerate their growth in China by leveraging Alibaba Cloud’s local business experience, technology, and mature ecosystem. 

“In the ever-connected online world, it is a constant challenge for marketers to gain customer attention, so understanding what their customers want has never been so important. In order for marketers to keep an eye on customers’ ever-changing needs and habits, the ability to understand their shopping habits is critical, to keep the brand messages relevant to every customer, ”said Selina Yuan, President of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence’s international business. “Alibaba Cloud solutions are able to provide the necessary insight into customer data and will continue to make Unilever successful in a constantly evolving and complex market and strengthen the loyalty of its customers.”

Initially, however, this new buying experience will be limited to the Alibaba platforms Taobao and Tmall, on which Unilever operates shops.

Ten years of Unilever and Alibaba

The collaboration between Alibaba and Unilever is not new. This year it celebrates its tenth anniversary; In 1995 the two groups had agreed on a partnership, the purpose of which was to penetrate the Chinese market – especially in the hard-to-reach rural areas. In addition to the penetration of rural China, the key areas of cooperation include cross-border electronic commerce, consumer protection, and big data.


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