10 marketing ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s day is coming soon – the day of love will be celebrated on the 14th of February. But Valentine’s Day is not just a day for big feelings, it is also a day of friendship and thank-you. After Christmas, this day is the first sales highlight of the year for some industries. 
Popular gifts include flowers, sweets, perfume, jewelry and lingerie. Couples like to eat in restaurants and holidays are booked that day. Even companies can score points for Valentine’s Day: You can help with the purchase of gifts. With discount or coupon promotions you strengthen the customer loyalty and can convince interested ones. Whether offline or online. Good ideas are needed.

1st target group

First, think about the target group and what romantic gift their benevolence finds. Are they men, women, sports fans, bargain hunters, music or flower lovers? Or are there any top sellers in your product catalog who always arrive well?

2. Planning

You should start early with the planning. The advertising campaign should start in January.

3. Classic: flowers

Surprise your customers and your employees with flowers on Valentine’s Day. 800 tons of red roses will be transported by Lufthansa Cargo to Germany for Valentine’s Day. [1]

4. Sweet love messages, also personalized

A chocolate heart is not only an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day. Also for a birthday or for a little joy in between, it is very suitable. Individual creations are available at Chocri . Also, My M & M’s offers personalized chocolate gifts. Choose the color you want and your message. Packed in bags, metal box, tube, gift box or casket. Express delivery is already available at 3 working days. What do you think about heart lollipops? Even with this little candy you can enchant your passing customers.

5. Voucher for flower show

There are numerous garden fairs in March and April. A ticket voucher is certainly well received by flower lovers. Here you will find an annual calendar of garden fairs . Certainly one will take place in your area.

6. Create Valentine’s preferred prices

You will notice: offer prices for smooching or instead of the classic double pack conjure up couples prices, couples combo, prices for couples day. 

7. Tasty recipes for Valentine’s Day

At Christmas, recipes are given away by employees to customers. Why not for Valentine’s Day? The recipes of Martin Sutter in “Der Koch” are seductive. Food & Drink offers recipes for breakfast in bed, romantic menus, hot dishes, sparkling drinks, heart-baking, candlelit dinners. Even at Aldi Süd, there are cream cheese hearts, heart ravioli and cake with heart.

8. Communicate emotions with pictures

Support your marketing messages with emotional images. Heart motifs, stars or Cupid arrows are wonderful. Commercial images are available at Shutterstock or Adobe Stock. Free pictures on the subject of Valentine’s Day for example at Pixabay. 

9. The Valentins Shop

Engage your visitors in your store or in your online shop on the day of the lovers. Put on style and romance, this does not have to be cheesy. Let yourself be inspired by the Douglas shop , for example . Here hearts, bows and pinks dominate. There was also a special section for Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s gifts are offered here for her and for him, as well as Valentine’s specials, gift boxes and coupons. But do not forget to announce the last appointment, so that the gift arrives on time. As a special service, you can offer a “Valentine’s Pack” for the gift.

10. E-mail marketing with customization

Draw attention to your special Valentine’s prices with e-mail marketing. Smart subject lines with image personalization and personalization attract attention. 

In addition to Valentine’s Day, there are many other events throughout the year that can be used for marketing campaigns. Easter, Pentecost, birthdays, day of writing or day of beer. The selection is great. Take the opportunity to keep a positive memory of your customers.

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