Wall Street Frontier launches its investment banking interview app

An app for aspiring bankers, by bankers.

Wall Street Frontier is proud to announce the global launch of its investment banking interview app. The first of its kind, the app offers study aids, prompts, and organisational tools for aspiring bankers, so they can prepare for their interviews on the go.

Wall Street Frontier recognises that breaking into investment banking is notoriously difficult. Each year, top-tier candidates from all over vie for a few coveted slots in the industry[1]. Generally, only 1% of applicants secure a role as a junior investment banker, where annual salaries start around USD 100K after bonus[2].

With the app’s compact and accessible format, Wall Street Frontier aims to demystify this daunting application and interview process. The mobile-first, ‘bite-size’ design allows users to quickly swipe through a curated list of 250+ interview questions. Users can focus on challenging questions, take down notes, and gain insight from suggested answers and expert tips. They can also review and edit their pointers at a later date — all this, without the hassle of carrying bulky notes and books.

“Current investment banking interview prep guides are stuck in the past and are unsuited for the modern interviewees’ hectic lifestyle,” said Christopher Chien, Founder of Wall Street Frontier. “With our modern purpose-built interview app, people no longer have to squint at PDFs costing hundreds of dollars. Interviewees can now prepare effectively and efficiently, at a fraction of the cost”.

The app is available for download today on Google PlayTM for USD $19.99.

The app will be available on the App StoreSM shortly, and will also be priced at USD $19.99.

Wall Street Frontier is proud to collaborate with bankers from top-tier financial institutions to create effective and impactful interview prep tools.

App Fact Sheet:

— Available for download today on Google PlayTM

— App will also be available on the App StoreSM shortly

— Priced at US$19.99

— Launches on 31 October 2016

— Curated database of 250+ questions, covering Brain Teasers and Quantitative & Technical topics specific to investment banking

— Suggested answers and expert tips developed in-house, in collaboration with investment bankers

— ‘Flash-card’ design allows users to quickly swipe through interview questions efficiently and effectively

— ‘Flash-card’ design enables users to take down notes and toggle tips on or off, helping them craft the perfect response

— Mobile-first, ‘bite-size’ format is built for accessibility, letting users prepare on the go, whenever they please

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