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As part of the Human and Heritage Care Foundation initiative of free online startup events for entrepreneurs worldwide, we will be hosting this AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) Information Session in the coming week with Sir Gary Fowler, President, CEO, and Founder GSD Venture Studios, Silicon Valley, United States.

This is a must-attend AMA session for all those AI-based tech startups that are looking to join a global acceleration program and funding.

Please find Gary’s bio below:

Gary Fowler, President, CEO, and Founder, GSD Venture Studios award-winning Senior level executive with 30+ years of success in global strategic innovation leadership, sales, marketing, and operational/investment management. CEO and Co-Founder of the award-winning growth stage AI venture studio, GSD Venture Studios. Co-Founder of the award-winning AI startup as well as the investment firm, DY Investments.

Gary was involved in the management team of ClickSoftware which recently sold to SalesForce for $1.35 billion dollars. Gary raised several rounds of funding to position as a leading AI employee engagement company. Gary is a recognized expert in entrepreneurship (including entrepreneurial education), lean startup methods, innovation management, and technology development and a consultant to numerous international companies and startups. Extensive experience with fundraising through a successful IPO (CKSW).

Gary has held or holds founder or has held executive-level positions in top-tier companies: ClickSoftware, Mirantis, Tecra,, Findo, GSD Venture Studios, Fowler Development, Broadiant, DY Investments, Zemplee, SplitByte, Eezylife, Xcoop, OSA, and more.

Founder of one of the top startup accelerator programs in Eastern Europe and a global speaker on topics such as coming to Silicon Valley and what it takes to have a successful startup, Gary has received several awards for excellence in the region. He is Co-Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce’s Technology Committee, a TEDx speaker, and participates in numerous international speaking engagements. Recently Gary was named one of the “Top Ten Most Influential AI Executives for 2019” as well as “Top 30 Technology Executives to Watch”. In 2020 Gary was named on the “10 Most Innovative Global AI Executives” list. He is a recognized industry expert in Forbes magazine and a keynote at global conferences, TEDX, and the United Nations.

Gary is a venture-backed serial entrepreneur leading several startups from concept to capital raising to IPO. He has worked on technology commercialization initiatives and industry partnerships as a contractor for a 40-nation, $1B+ fund, employing 26,000 scientists and engineers across 500 research institutes as a sales and marketing executive consultant for the US, EU, Canada, South Korea, and Japan.

GSD Venture Studios was created with the mission to scout and discover the best and most resilient teams on a global scale and foster partnerships that will help emerging companies grow in the right direction with the right guidance, making confident and secure steps along the way. 

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Join us on Friday, February 3rd, 2023 (18:30 pm -19:30 pm IST) AMA session.

If you are interested in learning about the Human and Heritage Care Foundation and asking the Founder your questions, then join one of these live online events (AMA Sessions). Each webinar will include a short introduction to the Human and Heritage Care Foundation, followed by 30-45 minutes of audience AMA on all topics related to innovation & entrepreneurship. Join us and come ready with your questions!

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