The year 2022 was, to put it neutrally, extremely eventful. And as it draws to a close, numerous companies and platforms are releasing reviews, such as Spotify and TikTok, and of course Google.

Year in Search 2022: Changes and new possibilities dominate the Google search

If you take a look at the Google search query trends this year, you will get an insight into the most important events that have most interested, changed, and moved us humans and society itself over the past twelve months. According to Google, the year 2022 was marked by the search for change and new opportunities. The search for opportunities for personal growth faced global conflicts and crises. The following video from Google provides insight into Google’s Year in Search 2022.

This is what people around the world searched for on Google in 2022

Statista recently published the search terms with the highest growth worldwide in 2022 compared to 2021.

The strongest increases in Google searches in 2022, © Statista

The infographic, based on Google Trends, is divided into the categories “News”, “People”, “Movies” and “Passings”. At the forefront of news, content is Russia’s war in Ukraine, which is still ongoing, sparking outrage, anti-war movements, and political debate around the world. The death of Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest reigning monarch, also drove Google Search trafficThe election results around the world, for example as part of the midterms in the USA, as well as the fact that one lucky person won a world record $2.04 billion in the Powerball lottery, and concerns about monkeypox are reflected in the order under “News” in the following places three to five.

That said, both ex-couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s court battle and Will Smith’s slap in the face of fellow actor Chris Rock during this year’s Academy Awards captivated searchers. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin was also increasingly wanted in the course of his war of aggression in Ukraine. The most searched movies include Thor: Love and Thunder and Black Adam. In addition to Queen Elizabeth II’s death, the deaths of Betty White and Anne Heche were also of interest.


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