Predictive analytics

Marketing dashboard goes 2022: proactively anticipating campaign trends.

Data, data and more data. That's what marketing is all about. However, the evaluation is often still carried out using outdated methods. But the future lies elsewhere – in predictive analytics.

MarTech – State of the Art in 2022

Everyone who works in digital marketing probably uses one thing by now: a MarTech tool. But do you even know what other tools exist on the market? A current overview shows...

Sustainable corporate success with marketing technologies.

New technologies and automation processes play an increasingly important role in modern marketing. In order for companies to be able to successfully influence the customer journey in all phases, reliable...
employer branding

Employer branding and personnel marketing in B2B – definition, measures and examples.

Employer branding, personnel marketing, and recruiting are among the major challenges facing B2B companies. But what is it really? As an industrial company, how do you manage to master the shortage...
employer brand

How does the employer brand survive in times of high growth?

Whether three stripes, a bitten apple, or an arrow from a to z: Brands shape the appearance of companies. What manufacturers and retailers have been perfecting for decades also plays...
attention economy

Attention – When the prospects and desired customers simply do not react.

Many people's attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. So how can B2B companies gain the interest of customers in the ever-expanding media jungle? The keyword is- attention economy.
digital marketing

The end of third-party cookies: explanation, tips and opportunities.

Exciting times are dawning for digital marketing. After years of data collection madness, online marketers now have to ask themselves: How do I reach my...
keyword research

Keyword research: 7 steps to a keyword list for niche topics.

Careful keyword research is the cornerstone of search engine optimization - whether in B2B or B2C. But how does good keyword research work? These 7 steps lead to success:
google search

How the 4 Google search intentions affect your B2B digital marketing?

Is your marketing focus on product advertising? Google searches are only for information gathering? If that's the case, this article will show you that there are much broader Google search intents...