What Twitter and Facebook will bloom in 2023?

The past year was turbulent for the big tech companies: the shares of Facebook, Google, and Co. fell on the stock exchange, the Twitter takeover by Elon Musk was a complete mess...
meta quest 3

Not just Meta Quest 3: More devices planned by Meta in 2023

Andrew Bosworth looked back at 2022 and emphasized that Meta remains committed to its own vision of the future, i.e. VR and AR. At the end of the article, the...
B2B Marketing Trends 2023

B2B Marketing 2023 – visions, strategies, trends.

What new B2B marketing developments does 2023 have in store? We asked around in the community and summarized all the important B2B marketing trends for 2023 in this article.

Google 2022 review: This is what people searched for this year

The year 2022 was, to put it neutrally, extremely eventful. And as it draws to a close, numerous companies and platforms are releasing reviews, such as Spotify and TikTok, and of course Google.
world cup star lionel messi

World Cup star Lionel Messi breaks the Instagram record and knocks a popular egg...

With currently almost 70 million likes (as of December 21, 2022, 1:27 p.m.), Lionel Messi’s post about victory in the 2022 World Cup tops the previous top post with...

Microsoft is said to be planning to take over Netflix.

Reuters reports that Microsoft and CEO Satya Nadella plan to buy Netflix for a total of $190 billion. The news agency explains: With a market value...