Enhanced Conversions

Enhanced conversions: Google’s solution for tracking the cookie less future?

The end of third-party cookies is approaching: While browsers such as Safari or Mozilla have been automatically blocking these types of cookies for several years, Chrome is still a...

Why is the brand called that? Today: Jeep

The original American brand, which is now mostly in Italian-French hands, has long been synonymous with off-road vehicles. The story goes back to the 1940s. But where does the name Jeep...
Tesla brand name story

Why is the brand called that? Today: Tesla

We will probably never know whether it was really Elon Musk alone who chose the name Tesla, or whether the founder's Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning or other people...
dove soap

The story behind the Dove brand name

The people of Hamburg know that the Dove is a branch of the Elbe. There is also a river by that name in Suffolk, England, and a lunar crater named...
barbie doll brand story

The story behind the Barbie brand name.

What does an American Barbie doll have to do with the German "Bild" newspaper? Well, in the first issue of "Bild" in June 1952, a cartoon character named Lilli appeared. This...

Why the Metaverse pays off as a marketing channel?

Virtual showrooms, 3D products, and interactive customer advice: The Metaversum opens up completely new potential - not only for dealers but also for the marketing industry. In its latest study,...
iStock Trend report: visual trends in marketing in 2023

These are the visual trends in marketing in 2023

This year's Christmas campaigns already show that a new tonality is finding its way into advertising. In the face of multiple crises, wars, and inflation, many companies appeal to a...

People are the most important channel for international brand identity.

A brand is just a colored logo and a slogan, isn't it? Wrong thinking behind successful branding is much more. HCL Technologies, an Indian global IT services company, recently launched a...

Toxic residues from seawater desalination.

Around 16,000 desalination plants worldwide transform undrinkable salt water into drinking water. However, there are significantly more problematic residues than expected, reports an international research team in the journal "Science...