What role does procrastination play in the context of changing your life and living it the way you want to? There are tons of step-by-step guides on how to change your life. OK in theory. But what if you fail to implement these steps?

Procrastination is a pathological disorder characterized by postponing or interrupting an activity so that one cannot complete it or only complete it under great pressure.

There are very few people who never procrastinate at all. Because we don’t like something. And sometimes even though we actually want it. However, we don’t do it.

There is often a deadline by which something is to be completed. The presentation, the workshop, the tax return… and the time that initially seemed so plentiful suddenly becomes too short. Because we’re starting late.

Whether you eventually complete it or not, this type of procrastination ends naturally—when the deadline is up.

Long-term procrastination comes insidiously

But there is also the variant of procrastination, in which you postpone something that has no fixed date. And that’s dangerous. Because nobody puts you under pressure here and the shifting happens slowly.

The deadline pressure is missing. You move and move and move again… and suddenly you realize: It’s too late now.

If it’s about a lifelong dream, it’s very bitter. Unfortunately, we tend to put things off. And we first want to do this and that or have it done and THEN…

You COULD still do it. But at some point, it may be too late.

At the age of 39, I suddenly realized what I still want to do and that at some point the time will run out.

To visualize this, I explain a nice exercise with toilet paper in the podcast. 😉

The primary reason for procrastination is fear

Fear can be triggered by different things. And with that, you can reduce them equally if you change exactly these circumstances and thoughts.

  1. fear of mistakes

The fear of making mistakes is often linked to the fear of not being good enough YET. If then perfectionism comes on top, it becomes really critical… Because in this case, it seems more than logical to wait in order to be better prepared.

  1. overload

Maybe the project seems too big to you and it overwhelms you. This is often because your goal is too unclear or your plan is vague and unrealistic.

A lack of energy or time also leads to excessive demands and usually has the same causes.

  1. Lack of support

Maybe you’re trying to tackle your “project” completely on your own. Maybe you have no one to ask. Perhaps you only reap incomprehension in your environment. This means that not only do you have to face actual challenges and your own doubts, but you also have to justify yourself to others. Or just keep things to yourself.

Two keys to dealing with procrastination

What you need to get to grips with are two things: you should learn to motivate yourself and you should learn to control yourself so that you don’t outrun yourself.

Reinforce what motivates you

  • Above all, do the things where you can use your strengths and where you are in the flow.
  • Make sure your dreams and goals are truly compelling and irresistible to you.
  • Let yourself be supported – by like-minded people, a coach, and people who understand you.
  • Be more conscious of your energy, organize it better, and use it on the right things. Make sure you have a positive attitude and that you are doing well mentally and physically.

Reduce or avoid what hinders you

Avoid distractions that keep taking you away from your purpose or steps toward it so you can keep your focus on what you WANT to do.

How does it work? Set yourself apart from things and people that distract you. Create fixed structures and habits. And use – very pragmatically and banally – various productivity techniques and time management tools.

Maybe it’s procrastination that’s preventing you from living the life you want to live!

Let’s not be too flippant about our time. Let’s not pretend that we supposedly have forever – especially for the big and important things in life. After all, there is a deadline here too…

Is it time to stop procrastinating and figure out what you really want and how to finally get it? Then get in touch with me and we’ll have a free chat to see how you can best do it.


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